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Since the new car market has increased it’s standards in prices and exclusivity, the majority of people aim more and more to the used car market, making sellers and buyers alike thrive more than better. Even more, since the appearance of the virtual car market, transactions have been flying non stop. One of the great supporters of the online market is the world renowned eBay. There is an increasing flow of people that subscribe and place ads for their cars on eBay Motors. Online putting ads on AutoTrader, where you have less control as well, here you can transform your add as you please.

Car Ebay Sell opt Car Ebay Sell

Car Ebay Sell

When trying to get the best price when attempting to sell your car on eBay, the first thing you can do is place pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Buyers love seeing pictures so they can form a good image of the car. Yet before taking any kind of pictures, you need to make sure your car is spotless. Give it a good clean. Make sure that the interior looks as good and as shiny as the exterior looks, so it will have an all around appeal. Ok, now it’s time to take some cool pictures. Take a minimum of 20 pictures on all sides of the car, inside and out. As you’ve seen on most car picks, there always is a powerful light source like the sun or a really powerful light ball present when the pictures are taken. Therefore if you are taking the picks outside, the let sun make your car sparkle.

Next step is protection. Careful not to take picks of your car that contain your registration plate. Or in case you do, be careful to blank your car number on every image you place online. There are hundreds of programs that can manipulate the pixels of one area, blurring, it or simply blanking it. Feel free to use any of them.

Another thing of great importance is honesty. Don’t try to make it sound like your car is something that it’s not. Trust yourself and your car because I am sure someone will like it exactly as it is. If a prospective buyer will come to see the car in person and sees a great discrepancy between the photo- car and the real car, your chances to sell it drop dramatically. If you know about any problems with the car that you didn’t fix or were unable to, make sure you put them in the car’s description. A lot of eBay buyers are interested in purchasing cars for parts so they might not care if there’s something wrong with the car as long as the price is reasonable.

Although it might sound a bit risky, you might consider placing a low bid price. I know what you may be thinking: “what if the car sells for a price way below its market value”, this fear may be taken into consideration on a normal auction house where there are a couple oh hundreds of participants tops. On the other hand eBay Motors is visited by 100.000 people just about every day, so you may want to reconsider those worries. You can easily and comfortably place the bidding start at 1 p. Check in 10 hours later and you might have an x 1000p surprise.

Make sure to check your e-mail address, once every couple of house because, once a bid has started, you will be getting loads of questions about the various technical, legal, economical aspects of the car. So you’d better have some answers ready.

Audience With A Legend: Sir Stirling Moss Speaks With

SM Le Mans Retiring

He’s 82 years old, arguably the greatest Formula One driver to have never won the world championship and, by all accounts, more driven than many of the 20-somethings that pilots F1 machinery today.

Just three weeks shy of his 83rd birthday, Sir Stirling Moss spoke with about his inescapable fascination with auto racing and some of his observations about the state of the sport.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet with old friends and new,” the 16-time Grand Prix winner said of his appearance this weekend at the Lime Rock Historic Festival.

“There is a tremendous kinship between those who love motor racing—the fans, the drivers, those who own these magnificent vehicles–and those like myself who were fortunate to compete in some of the cars that travel around this historic racing circuit. It’s a tad like a carnival for those who delight in a bygone era.”

Maserati 250F Spa

Moss drove in competition for the final time in 2011 at Le Mans during a historic event and has since transitioned his role in the community to esteemed orator. Saturday at Lime Rock, attendees can participate in the “Conversation with Sir Stirling Moss” event, but the British legend offered a sneak peak of what’s to come.

“I’d say Dario Franchitti,” said Moss when asked which current driver has the greatest appreciation for the drivers and eras that came before him.

“Oh, I think he’d adapt to it, but he’d absolutely despise using it,” he opined when asked if the late Denis Jenkinson , legendary motor racing journalist and his 1955 Mille Miglia co-pilot would embrace social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

As for Moss’ thoughts on his career, teammates and other topics from a career dedicated to the sport, Do yourself a favor by heading up to Connecticut this weekend and asking the great man yourself.

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Fisker Karmas Gather En Masse

Fisker Karma Parade

If you happened to see a line of Fisker Karmas on a freeway in Orange County, California last Sunday you were not dreaming. There were 28 of them caravanning to Fisker Automotive’s design studio.

These Karmas were attending an owner’s appreciation day in cooperation with the world’s highest volume dealer — Fisker of Orange County. Since the luxury electric car first went on sale in December 2011 this dealer has sold almost 100 Karma models, according to Fisker.

Fisker Karma Parade

Apparently, none of the owners ran out of juice and range anxiety is not a problem for Karma owners as, like the Chevrolet Volt, it features Fisker’s Extended Range (EVer) powertrain technology, which combines the power and efficiency of electric drive with the range and freedom of a gasoline engine.

“Southern Californians recognize the value of a car that perfectly fits their lifestyles,” said Marcelo Sandoval, sales manager at Fisker of Orange County. “Everything about the Karma, from the solar panel roof to the Fisker logo of a sunset over the Pacific Ocean, represents the lifestyle we love so much.” Sandoval was instrumental in organizing the event and bringing so many owners together.

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2014 Mazda6 Debuts at Moscow Auto Show

2014 Mazda6

The 2014 Mazda6 sedan has made its international debut this week, albeit in Russian specification, at the 2012 Moscow Auto Show. Powered by a 134-bhp 2.0-liter inline-4, the front-wheel-drive Mazda6 is available with a choice of 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. While that engine won’t make an appearance in the U.S. market, the Russian version’s optional 189-bhp 2.5-liter inline-4 most definitely will. A V-6-powered variant is also likely once U.S. sales of the Mazda6 begin early in 2013.

Based on looks alone, the Mazda6 appears to be a winner. The exterior borrows from the handsome Takeri concept car; the production model features the same sculpted fenders and bold front grille whose bottom edge flows elegantly into the headlights. Mazda refers to this as its “Kodo” design language – whatever you want to call it, terms like ‘ugly’ and ‘bland’ never come to mind with this sleek midsize sedan. The rear is slightly less memorable, though its narrow taillights and chrome exhaust-tips provide a modest dose of sportiness.

The Mazda6 features the Japanese automaker’s suite of SkyActiv chassis and powertrain technologies. Think of this as a finely tuned automotive blueprint that eliminates excess friction and weight from the car’s mechanical components. SkyActiv has also been used to good effect in the CX-5 crossover – which has class-leading fuel economy, so long as you spec it with front-wheel-drive and a manual gearbox – along with the recently updated Mazda3.

One of the most interesting (and curiously named) features on the next Mazda6 is i-ELOOP. Mazda says this is the first capacitor-based regenerative braking system fitted to a production car. The system does away with heavy battery packs and electric motors needed for regular regen braking system and, in total, Mazda estimates i-ELOOP provides a 10-percent gain in overall fuel economy. Pricing and additional technical specifications for U.S. variants of the 2014 Mazda6 will be released later this year.

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Electric Race Series for 2014

 Lola-Drayson B12/69EV

Lola-Drayson B12/69EV

The FIA has launched a race series for 10 teams of electric cars and 20 drivers starting in 2014 and planned to be held in cities that prioritize the environment and clean transport. It is hoped that existing F1 and other race teams, together with electric car producers and global manufacturers, will support the series.

Among the advisers are the UK’s Drayson Racing Technologies that has pioneered an electric Le Mans style endurance race car and Eric Barbaroux of French electric car producer, Formulec who runs a race series in his home country and will build a prototype.

The Hong Kong-based consortium, Formula E Holdings is led by Enrique Banuelos, a Spanish property developer who is alleged to have lost heavily in the 2007 property crash and who now operates out of Brazil. He will work with Alejandro Agag who will be the chief executive. Agag’s London-based Addax investment already fields teams in GP2 and GP3 race series.

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Bahar to Sue Lotus for Wrongful Dismissal

Photo by Gabriel Bouys/Staff/Getty Images

Photo by Gabriel Bouys/Staff/Getty Images

It was inevitable really, but according to reports in the Malaysian media Dany Bahar, the former chief executive of Group Lotus has filed a suit against the British sports car company and its Malaysian owners, DRB-Hicom Berhard for wrongful dismissal claiming at least $10.6 million.

Bahar was dismissed last June following an investigation into his business dealings following a complaint by DRB-Hicom Berhard, owners of Malaysian car maker Proton.

“[Mr Bahar] was dismissed after an investigation into his stewardship of Lotus,” DRB-Hicom said in its stock exchange statement that was issued in Malaya on Monday. “We believe we have acted properly at all times.” The group said it will “vigorously oppose and/or defend” his claim, including filing counter-claims against him.

Lotus has also pulled out next months 2012 Paris Auto Show, two years after displaying an ambitious product range of five concept sports cars conceived to propel Lotus into the upper echelons of performance cars alongside the likes of Ferrari and Porsche.

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Best Place To Sell A Muscle Car

Nobody can say that this or that is the best place to sell a muscle car as selling such vehicles takes a ton of work if you are looking to get the maximum amount of money possible for the vehicle. You need to be aware of the fact that you will be reaching out to a niche market and the chances are that you will not be able to sell it only by advertising it in your local newspaper unless you are lucky enough to live in an area where there are many muscle car enthusiasts.

The best place to start finding a new owner for your muscle car would be at eBay Motors where you could consider an online auction. On eBay there are more than 10 million shoppers with cars being sold every minute. You have to know that you will have to pay a fee in order to list your car and also you will also have to pay a commission, but the exposure you get in exchange is huge.

Another great source to sell your car would be at AntiqueCar. At this website your ad will be active for three months and you can attach up to eight pictures of your vehicle. For additional fee, you can upgrade your ad in order attract more traffic.

It would be highly advisable to consult with Barret-Jackson Auction Company, LLC. They organize those very popular onsite auctions in Arizona and Florida.

Some consider Carlisle Events to be the best place to sell a muscle car. They host a great selection of antique / classic / muscle / hot rod / trucks / motorcycles and so on. Each and every year they attract more than 500,000 enthusiasts so the exposure for your muscle car is guaranteed. You need to fill out an online form in order to become a consigner to sell your vehicle at their auction.

muscle car wars detroit Best Place To Sell A Muscle Car

You should know that on the Internet there are many blogs and forums where you can create a free account and advertise word-of-mouth as well as attach pictures. It is a great and free method to offer additional exposure to your muscle car.

If you want to attract even more audience to this niche market you should advertise your muscle car in Hemmings through hard copy or online. Although you will be obliged to pay a small fee, you should know that it is at the moment the largest collector-car source for enthusiasts.

Don’t forget the oldest form of advertising which is word-of-mouth. You should start spreading the word that you are selling your beloved muscle car. Tell your family, friends, relatives, high school acquaintances, the guys over at work, neighbors – basically all the people you know.

It would be highly advisable to use all of the above mentioned options as the more exposure your muscle car gets, the more chances you will have to sell it at a better price. Don’t forget about the preparations that you have to make if you decide to sell it. You should keep all of the car’s original paperwork, especially if you are the original owner of the vehicle. This will add value to your car. Next, you should take inventory of all the car’s parts so that the potential buyer will know all there is to it about your muscle car.

Take high quality pictures of your car and if you have remodeled or rebuilt the car, share the accurate records of your progress through the pictures that you took. Don’t forget about mentioning all of the flaws / damages of the car as the buyer will want to know what he is paying a lot of money. You should also have the VIN available as it will tell the potential customers the engine code to specify what type of engine the muscle car has, the vehicle build sequence number, the body style and so on.

Ford Should Buy Beechcraft?

Ford Should Buy Beechcraft?

Most auto enthusiasts have heard of the Ford Trimotor, one of the world’s first airliners dating from the late 1920s and the highlight of Henry Ford’s dabbling in aviation. What many enthusiasts many not know is that to build the Trimotor Henry Ford bought the Stout Metal Airplane Corporation, developing Bill Stout’s prototype into the iconic 3-engine Ford.

Likewise, Beechcraft is a nearly household name, at least in petrol-head households. Dating from well before World War II Walter Beech’s company has an outstanding reputation for building high-quality general aviation airplanes.

Now Beechcraft finds themselves in a financial tailspin, having declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy last May and slated for public auction. This has lead to Aviation International News blogger Chad Tautvetter to declare that Ford Motor Company should purchase Beechcraft for a myriad of reasons ranging from the emotional to the logical.

One that comes immediately to mind is Ford CEO Alan Mullaly’s last job was running Boeing and therefore knows the (big) airplane business. Another is Beechcraft’s main suitor is a Chinese firm and it is only appropriate that the legacy and talent embodied in Beechcraft should remain in the American heartland. Ford could build on its previous aviation history along with maximizing on the technological, design and manufacturing talent exchanges possible when mating an automotive giant such as Ford with an aerospace builder.

Beechcraft is expected to bring more than $1.7 billion, with only its parts sales component a clear money maker.

Sounds like a tough sell to us, even as much as we’d love to see Beechcraft thrive as a strongly American company. Ford, like GM and others, once diversified into farm tractors, heavy-duty trucks, Volvo, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover, and yes, satellites and other aerospace ventures before selling all of them off to concentrate on its core business of personal transportation and financing. Ford has been paying attention to business and it’s paying off.

Conversely, general aviation is in a tough spot, hemmed by government regulation, a risk-adverse society and slow North American economy.

But the tantalizing vision is Ford’s muscle could zoom Beechcraft into a second era of aviation supremacy, with synergies for both companies. It would be a sorely needed triumph of American industry and Trautvetter is right, Ford is the company do to it.

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New Lexus Concept Teased

New Concept Concept Teased

If you live down under you can get to see an updated version of the Lexus LF-LC concept, that was first shown at the Detroit Auto Show back in January, in a few weeks time.

At least that’s what it looks like. Officially the organizers only say “Lexus will push the boundaries of performance, style and technology at the 2012 Australian International Motor Show when it takes the covers off a hybrid coupe concept vehicle.”

However, a teaser photo of the rear taillight matches that of the LF-LC which drew rave reviews in Detroit. Aussies seem to be abuzz about the car.

Rumors suggest it may be powered by a modified version of the hybrid drivetrain in the LS 600hL, producing close to 500 horsepower. Considering Toyota is campaigning an increasingly competitive prototype hybrid race car against Audi’s all-conquering cars in Le Mans and the FIA World Endurance Championship it makes sense for Lexus to push the technology into high performance road cars.

Lexus did not reveal any details of the powertrain in the LF-LC when it was showcased in Detroit, so let’s hope they are more revealing this time around. Indeed wouldn’t it be great if Lexus said it would go into production as a lower priced version of the LFA. Don’t hold your breath though.

The 2012 Australian International Motor Show will be held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour from October 19-28, 2012.

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Expanded Spyker Range to Rise from Ashes of Saab’s Phoenix Platform

2011 Saab PhoeniX concept
2011 Saab PhoeniX concept

Spyker intends to replace Saab with itself. That’s correct, the boutique Dutch supercar manufacturer believes it can use Saab’s engineering assets to develop a line of high-end automobiles “positioned higher than the comparable Saab models were,” according to Spyker NV’s press release. Funding for the project comes via a joint venture with China’s Zhejiang Youngman Passenger Car Group Co. A previous failed deal involving Youngman had centered on saving the Saab brand, versus boosting the Spyker product portfolio.

The latest proposal has several ambitious targets. One of these is to develop the Phoenix platform into a series of Spyker-badged vehicles, most likely a luxurious sedan and coupe. Spyker will also use Youngman’s investment money to develop and bring to market the $250,000 D8 Peking-to-Paris Super Sports Utility Vehicle (SSUV), first seen more than 6 years ago at the 2006 Geneva Auto Show. [I attended Geneva that year and distinctly remember the D8 concept’s rough fit and finish, not to mention the stench of industrial glue and/or solvents coming from the cabin.]

This surprise plot twist comes only weeks after Spyker announced it was suing General Motors for $3-billion over the U.S. auto giant’s supposed blocking of deals that would have saved Saab. Funding for the lawsuit was apparently coming from an anonymous source that intended on sharing profits gained from the legal wrangling. Based on the announcement of this bizarre deal with Youngman Group, it would seem we now know the identity of this ‘anonymous’ third party.

Video window may take a few moments to load…

2011 Saab PhoeniX concept

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