Old Lamborghini

On the brink of launching the Aventador let’s take a look back to Lamborghini’s first conquest. Even the fabled Diablo and the Sesto Elemento pale in comparison with what has been known as the King of Supercars: the Lamborghini Countach.

Since its creation the Countach as been equipped with the most high tech components available (and the most expensive) at the time. It was mid- engined with a V12 engine that holt 4 camshafts, a space framed chassis and the entire body made from aluminum. It had the typical Lamborghini niches (NACA ducts) that directed the air flow to the engine giving it sufficient cooling even at top speed. Yet the most impressive feature that belongs to Lamborghini to this very day, the vertical opening doors was considered a unique feat at that time. Later the form of the Countach will be compared many times with Starwars A-Wing space fighter.

The first thing that made people think the Countach belonged to the exotic series, was the looks. Wedge-shape design along side edges and sharp lines with “scissors doors” and air ducts made the Countach look downright futuristic. The Countach would set the standards for all the Lamborghini hyper cars to come. It gave the impression of being lightning fast because of the low gravity center and the fact that the car itself was only 42.1 inch high. When it was presented at the Geneva motor show Lamborghini representatives claimed a top speed of over 200 mph and most journalists present believed them.

Lamborghini Countach opt Old Lamborghini

Lamborghini Countach

Note that the Lamborghini didn’t only look fast, it really was. It was packed with a huge V12 engine that could develop 375 hp. The engine felt “glad” to boost the power with every shift increase. The block and the head were a special aluminum alloy that gave it significant decrease in weight and the fact that it had 2 valves per cylinder with an outstanding compression ratio of 10.5:1and dry sump lubrication made it one of the most technologically advanced engines of the age.

Lamborghini Countach interior opt Old Lamborghini

Lamborghini Countach interior

If you think the engine was high tech? Wait for the drivetrain. This was literally the most amazing part of the Countach. Since the V12 was placed on the rear which would make it heavier and harder to maneuver, the technicians thought of a unique idea: put the clutch and the entire gearbox in front of the engine block. This brought another huge advantage: the transmission link between the shifter and the gearbox was dramatically decreased which made gear shifting a lot more precise and effortless.

All this high tech integrated in the car resulted in enormous performance on the race track. So in 1975 the Countach was able to develop a massive acceleration of 5.6 sec on a 0-60 mph run.

The driving experience was one the driver wouldn’t forget soon. It was literally “hot and heavy” since despite the whole advancements you would still need quite a grip to shift between gears, yet even at near top speeds the car would handle just as great sticking to the lane like tar. The brakes applied thousands of times would look like new because of the ingenious way they were built. No premature locks or other glitces.

Despite the flaws like, a very crammer cockpit, practicability close to zero, heavy weighted despite the advanced body and chassis, noisy and powerful. Characteristics that make the Super in Supercars. And when thinking of exotic classics, we think Countach

Buy Car Insurance

carinsurance Buy Car Insurance

If you want to buy car insurance you need to be aware of the following facts that your insurer will certainly not tell you.

If you have a good credit it means that you will pay less – almost all of the insurance companies will pull your credit report. Have you wondered why? Many studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between the credit score and the possibility that you will file a claim. The insurance companies knows that if you pay your bills on time and have had the same credit accounts for a longer period, it means that you are more stable in comparison to those people that frequently open and close accounts and pay their bills late. With the information they gather they will make you an “insurance risk score”, which is one important factor that will determine your auto-insurance rate.

The premium is directly affected by the car model – you will not have the possibility to obtain these numbers from the insurance companies and as a matter of fact, you won’t be able to get them elsewhere. What you need to know is that all insurers have a rating system for every single car make and model. Most of these companies use a system devised by the ISO – Insurance Services Office that starts with the cost of the car and then factors in theft and safety data. All of the cars are given a rating from 1 to 27 – the higher the rating on your car, the more you will have to pay.

Avoid installments by paying in full – you will be charged with “fractional premium” fees if you decide to pay your annual premium in installments. These payments are usually offered on a 6-month, quarterly or monthly basis. The more you break down this payment, the more fees you will have to pay.

Stolen and damaged personal items are not covered – you need to know that the stolen or damaged objects are not covered by your insurance company. You can however claim on your home insurance as most of them can cover smaller and less expensive objects, like compact discs for example. If you do carry expensive items, it would be best to inquire a rider to your home insurance contract. It is advisable to take a couple of photos of these expensive objects.

Bad drivers will pay – the standard in the industry is that your insurance costs will go up by 40% once you have had an accident. To give you a real life example, if the firm’s base rate is $400, your premium will go up to $560 which means that you will have to pay$160 more. The good thing is that some insurance companies have a “forgive the first accident” policy.

You will pay if your friend has an accident with the car – if you borrow your car to a member of the family or a friend, you will have to file a claim with the insurance firm. Similar as if you have had the accident, the premiums will go up immediately. In the situation in which your friend didn’t have the permission to take the car, you probably won’t be held responsible. However, if this friend of yours doesn’t have insurance or the damages to the car exceed your policy’s limits, the injured party will most likely come after you for property and medical expenses.

The “totaled” value might surprise you – if you didn’t know, almost all of the auto insurance firms do not use the standard National Association of Automobile Dealers or the Kelley Blue Book values. Each of these insurance firms uses their own proprietary list of vehicle values and the vast majority of them have specialized software for valuing cars. If you decide to disagree with the value determination of your insurance firm, there are a couple of things that you can do:

First of all, it is highly advisable that next time you get “gap” insurance which will pay the difference between what you owe and what the company covers. Second, if you are in the possession of maintenance records that clearly show you have had the car’s oil changed every 3,000 miles and the vehicle was checked on a regular basis by a mechanic, take these records to the insurance firm in order to show them that the car was in a very good state.

Third of all, get a couple of price quotes on replacement cars from different dealers and take them to your insurance company. You need to ask them for a couple of dealers that can sell you an equivalent vehicle for the value the company is claiming.

If none of the above work for you, the last alternative would be to go to arbitration or mediation. The latter involves taking your case to a neutral party in order to help you reach a compromise. The arbitration is a binding decision. Of course, you also have the possibility to sue the company.

Try to “stack” if you get hit by a motorist who is uninsured – the UM/UIM – uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage means collecting more than one insurance policy that you hold. Although most of the states won’t allow you to do so, there are 19 states where you can do it.

Adding a teenager to the policy until he/she is licensed – it is not obligatory to add a teenager to the policy only because he/she has reached the driving age.

Switching insurers – if you have decided to buy car insurance from another company you need to notify the current company in writing. If you don’t do so, the company will continue to send the bill and if you don’t pay it, they will cancel you for nonpayment which will certainly go to your credit record. For this reason you need to give them a specific date in order to avoid these problems. Once you tell them, they will give you a cancellation request which you will have to sign.

Can I Lease A Car If I Have Filed For Bankruptcy?

When your financial problems force you to take severe measures and file for bankruptcy what’s hardest is the recovery period. It’s hard to get loans approved or leases after you file for bankruptcy mostly because such a financial event affects negatively your credit score. But, if you are wondering if you can lease a car if you’ve filed for bankruptcy, I can tell you that you can. You will just have to work a little harder than usual.

Let’s start with the beginning. The most important are the lender’s requirements. Most dealers take into consideration the same factors when they try to decide if you are eligible for a car lease or not. Their first action is to take a look at your credit history. They take interest in the credit score you have, the debt-to-income ratio and also assess your job in order to make sure that your monthly income will allow you to handle all the monthly payments. Even if all these details aren’t as excellent as you would like, especially if you have recently filed for bankruptcy, there are many dealers that “believe” in second chances. Some of them actually focus on consumers with bad credit, because their profit will increase due to the higher interest rates they will force you to pay. These higher interest rates are the result of the high risk client label, bankruptcy unfortunately provides. In the end, it’s just about visiting the right providers.

Usually, bankruptcy affects someone’s history report for about 10 years, but that doesn’t mean that in the meantime no dealer will be willing to offer you a lease. You will just need to provide some documents that can make the leaser confident that you are on your way to financial rehabilitation. Such documents are, for example, the bank statements or even the pay stubs. If you treat your payments seriously and you don’t miss completing any step of your program, you will be able to benefit from the opportunities of a lease in a little while after you file for bankruptcy. You should also know that being eligible again for a car lease is an easier task than having a car loan approved. That will take a longer time.

1 year car lease Can I Lease A Car If I Have Filed For Bankruptcy?

Like I said before, the key to success when you have to lease a car after bankruptcy is to choose the right lender. Your first choice should be a captive lender (car manufacturer), the second a bank and the third a credit union. It wouldn’t be a good idea to lease a car from BMW, Mercedes or Porsche after filing for bankruptcy. That’s because these lenders might not be that interested in working with your bad credit. But you never know what surprises they have in store. Therefore, you should keep an open mind and make sure you research the entire lease deals available on the market before making a final choice. That’s an advice valid for any driver who wants to lease a car.

In the end what’s most important about a car lease that follows bankruptcy is an interest rate that even higher than usual it’s affordable for your budget. In addition, you should choose a lender that works with all three national credit reporting agencies. Once your credit score improves, you will be able to choose cars from dealers that work with the agency that reports your highest FICO score. After you file for bankruptcy you just need to be patient and take it one step at the time. That’s the only way you will be able to improve your credit history in no time.

Chevrolet SUVs

The Chevrolet automaker manufactured, during the years, many amazing cars that have become part of our lives. In particular, the Chevrolet SUVs offer everything you need: comfort, space and fuel economy at an affordable price. If you are looking for a Chevrolet SUV I will give you some tips and I will also make a list of the most impressive Chevrolet SUVs, in case you might need some help in finding the best car for you and your family. The list refers to the most recent Chevrolet SUV models available on the market.

The K5 Chevrolet Blazer is a full size SUV used extensively in the northeastern region of the US and is available in a short wheelbase version. It’s perfect for special road conditions being equipped with a powerful V8 engine and a four wheel drive system that makes the Blazer fairly invincible in snowy weather. The SUV features a comfortable interior and a giant heater. It’s still available in Ohio and it’s the perfect car for cold weather. The 2012 K5 Chevrolet Blazer with all the options included will cost around $27,000.

Another, incredible Chevrolet SUV is the Avalanche. It’s the most adaptable car available on the market and it is a four doors full size SUV with the bed opening into the rear seat. This bed is covered in plastic offering plenty of cargo space and can carry up to six passengers. The Avalanche is one of the coolest SUVs manufactured by Chevrolet. This SUV is available starting with a base price of $35,000 and can go up to $50,000 if you want to benefit from all the possible options.

2010 Chevrolet Avalanche opt Chevrolet SUVs

2010 Chevrolet Avalanche

I can not forget about the Tracker SUV made in collaboration with Suzuki which is available on the Canadian market. All the Tracker SUVs are equipped with a four wheel drive system, but the new models are now available with two wheel drive as well. The versions of this Chevrolet SUV include the convertible, the four doors and the two doors models. The car offers an excellent gas mileage and a high reliability. The 2011 Chevrolet Tracker is equipped with a 2.0 four cylinder engine and its inside looks more expensive and extravagant than the one of the previous models.

The 2010 Equinox is another amazing Chevrolet SUV, worth taking into account if you are looking for a roomy and stylish car for your family. It is equipped with a 2.4 or 3.0 liter V6 engine producing 182 or 264 horsepower. Its advantages are: its price tag, the fuel economy, the quality and the safety measures. The price ranges between $25,995 and $33,460.

2010 Chevrolet Equinox opt Chevrolet SUVs

2010 Chevrolet Equinox

If you are interested in a “green” Chevrolet SUV then you have a lot of options from which to choose. But you must be prepared to pay much more money than for the regular models. An example of hybrid Chevrolet SUV is the 2010 Tahoe equipped with a two-mode hybrid system which includes a 6.0 liters V8 engine with two electric motors. There are available versions that can function on battery power, gasoline or a mixture between those two. The Tahoe is spacious, comfortable and able to carry up to eight passengers. The price for this Chevrolet SUV is around $50,000.

The list of Chevrolet SUVs is much wider, because this company releases each year new, improved models that convince the buyers. But I think that the ones described are the most interesting and useful SUVs that will provide you all the comfort, space and luxury you need during a work day as well as for any family trip you might plan.

Cost Of A Car Lease

Leasing a car is a lot simpler than purchasing one, or is it? Most people tend to believe that but in truth, things are a bit different, getting a car through a lease might bring more problems than actually purchasing a car. The most common mistake is encountered when an inexperienced buyer comes to the dealership unprepared, and leasing the first car he sees. Most dealers will surely promise even the moon from the sky as long as someone leases the car. The price is the biggest enemy here since car payments are directly related to the price of the car. Therefore, you as a prospective lessee need to be able to calculate car lease rates on your own. This is probably the most important research factor involving car leasing.
img carLease Cost Of A Car Lease
Naturally you cannot expect to calculate a lease payment to the last penny. That would be virtually impossible. Not even dealerships are able to give the exact price on the lease. The amount of money you have to pay comes as a result of their estimative calculations on the car’s depreciation and the amount of money charged as “interest”.

You can calculate the approximate lease rates by getting a few parameters “out of the hat”. Let’s assume that you’ve manage to get a “bottom line lease” which is considered the best deal you can get. The bottom line lease usually means that, due to your credit score and history, you get the best deal they can offer, which means that each month you would be saving up to $30 compared to a “normal” lease. Go figure that in 36 months 30 bucks can mean a lot of savings each month.

In order to calculate the bottom line lease you will be required some figures.

The MSRP or the car’s value can easily be determined from Edmunds TMV System. They have daily updated databases that will provide the most accurate price for each new car on the market.

The money factor. This is the interest rate charged by the leasing company, and represents the basis of the lease. This info can easily be acquired from the dealer or the closest credit union.

The Lease term is the amount of time you want to use the car.

The Residual Value of the car, which represent the “used car” value the vehicle will have after 36 months of use.

The simplest solution is to use an online lease calculator available online. One of the most accurate lease calculators can be found at http://www.edmunds.com/calculators/car-lease.html. This is one of the most complex and user friendly calculators online since it works with the Edmunds TMV System. Because of the system’s design it doesn’t follow the prices placed by dealers. It also locks on to all the sales thus providing the necessary parameters in order to provide accurate prices and lease deals.

In order to use the system, all you need to do is provide pertinent information about the lease such as the zip code, so that the system can lock on to your area, the price of the vehicle and so on. In case you have a trade in, it can also determine and calculate the used market value of the used car. And finally the lease term (the amount of time you wish to keep the car), the lease residual value, and the mileage program you have chosen. The system will automatically calculate the rates taking all the parameters into account. Despite the fact that the result comes in a matter of seconds, the math behind it is quite tricky.

How To Sell A Car For Parts

If you ever considered about how to sell a car for parts, this situation usually occurs when the vehicle in cause is not working anymore and the owner of it wants to sell it (or at least some parts of it) in order to recuperate a part of his financial investment. If you are primarily looking to sell the entire car, it would be advisable to fix the inexpensive parts. The more working parts the car has, the bigger the chances of selling it. If you too are in this situation, the first place where you need to start looking is at junkyards.

Some of these junkyards will buy old and non-functional vehicles if these cars have a reasonable price. In the vast majority of the situations these junkyards will not give you just as much as an individual buyer because they will purchase it from you only to sell the parts to somebody else. Of course, we are talking about the parts that are still fully functional and can be saved. Despite this downside, this still is a good solid way of getting rid of your nonfunctional vehicle and save a couple of dollars.

Another way to go is by placing an ad on online classified websites for the car parts that you want to sell. These sites will cover just about every car part there is and you also have the possibility to place an ad for car parts that are no longer working. The reason to do so is because there are many people looking for defective car parts from which they want to take certain components that are still working. Of course, the price for a defective component must be very low so that the potential customer will want to get it.

A proven way to get rid of some of the parts is by picking up your local newspaper and look for people that want to buy certain parts. Also, get your local “Thrifty Nickel” ad book at your nearby gas station. If you are lucky enough to find someone who is interested in some parts that you have for sale, call them and set up a meeting. If they come and like what you have to offer, they might buy it. The price should be negotiable, especially if the car part is not very desirable. It is better to cut down the price; otherwise you will remain with the car part and not get anything for it.

diagram How To Sell A Car For Parts

If you have the time, put some flyers up in the local stores. The flyers should be made by using your computer and should contain a picture of the car and the price you want for it. Remember to add in the flyer that you sell the car for parts and that it is no longer functional. Of course, write down your phone number and if you want, the best time for people to call you.

Another good way of how to sell a car for parts would be by putting it up on eBay, or at least some parts of it. You have the possibility to sell the entire car (which would be the ideal situation) or take the parts yourself and sell them to different customers. Remember that you must pay the listing fees, but you will not have to worry about the shipping costs as the buyer will pay for them. For this reason, add the shipping costs into the final price of the car or parts of it.

Some people sell their non-functional cars at auctions. If you are willing to give this a try, talk to the organizers of the auctions and find out if they allow vehicles to be sold for parts. If they do, you should put the car up for bid. Before listing it, check out if the auction has the option of selling a reserve. This is highly recommended if you have a certain amount in mind from which you are not going to go below. By putting the car up for auction you will agree to the fact that some of the money you will earn for it will go as a commission fee.

If you are looking primarily for selling the entire car, you must draw the attention of the potential customers will attractive facts about the car, like clean title history or good crash-test results. Anything that you come up with (and true) will be to your advantage. If you do find someone that is willing to take the entire car, make sure that you have the title and the registration of the car ready as missing paperwork is a major kill-deal. If you have aftermarket parts, remember to include them in your flyer/ad.

When negotiating with a customer, make sure that you emphasize the good parts of the car without exaggerating. Remember to tell also what is wrong with it; a sincere seller has more chances of selling the product, regardless of its type. Although it is a non-functional vehicle, it should be washed, cleaned and waxed to make it more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. If you don’t know what price to ask for it, look for similar ads and figure out how much money you will be charging for it, but remember to leave room for negotiation as customers expect you to be flexible with the price.

The choice is up to you to decide from one of the above methods. If you prefer to use the computer, list it on as many websites as you can. If you however like talking face-to-face, go to auctions, put flyers and other methods. It all depends on your available time and the amount of effort you are willing to invest in selling the car.

If all of the above don’t work and you are out of luck, your last method would be to donate the car for a tax write-off, but let’s hope that this situation will not occur.

Low Car Insurance

If you don’t feel the need to drive as much as you used to then maybe you should make some changes in your insurance policy. Depending on how much miles you put behind you each year, you may qualify for several discounts that come with low mileage auto insurance. This can occur if you changed your job, or you happen to live closer to your workplace, heading for university and so on. The idea is that the more you drive, the bigger the chances are for you to be involved in an accident, thus forcing the insurance company to act on your behalf. Therefore the reverse is also available, since fewer miles mean fewer changes to get hit by someone thus, less expenses for the insurance company.
car insurance Low Car Insurance
For example, if you drive somewhere between 7500 – 15000 miles each year, you are eligible for the first discount tier available at most insurance companies. If you drive even lesser than that per year, you get to increase or secure even bigger discounts, depending on the state you’re currently living in and the car insurance company.

If you think you’re eligible for a low mileage discount here are some things to try.

Consider that the usual insurance premium is about $1000 per year. Low mileage insurance discounts are the perfect opportunity to cut back on some monthly expenses. I mean why would you pay so much when most of the times your car sits tight and well protected in your garage since you’re barely using it for a trip from time to time and the way to work.
5 car insurance tips for clunker coverage 6 discounts lg Low Car Insurance
Depending on the vehicle you drive and what are you currently using it for, you can head for some serious discounts. For example in California car insurance companies use driving history and the amount of miles to calculate your rates. Therefore, if you have changed your driving habits than this will pose as a great advantage for you. Take GMAC insurance that belongs to the General Motors franchise. They offer discounts of over 54% or each On Star driver that has a mileage lesser than 15.000 miles per year. Progressive insurance also has such as program that offers 25% discount but on a “softer” set of terms. Always keep in touch with your insurance agent and keep him posted on major changes in your personal driving habits.

Most drivers that purchase low mileage car insurance are senior folk that are mostly retired or, over 60 years. Since they are no longer working, they don’t get to drive as much so there is no reason for them to keep high premium insurance policies. Since they don’t get to make as many trips as the younger adults, their estimated mileage per year is a lot lower. If you’re one of the folk that doesn’t need to drive as much, than you should contact your insurance agent and ask about the necessary changes.
free games for kids Low Car Insurance
Another great way to save some money and miles is by car pooling. So instead of owning a vehicle solely for yourself, deciding to car pool might bring you quite a few advantages such as a tax deduction for going “greener” and you get to share the cost of insurance with your friends that benefit from the car pooling. However you still have to check with your current car insurance company to make sure that sharing the car or car poking is allowed. In some states you might need a couple of permits from the DMV before you can hear for car sharing or car pooling.

Lamborghini Gallardo Nera

Each year, Lamborghini manufactures incredible and exotic sports car and also releases special editions for some of those cars. Even if these special editions are limited to a few models, they are extremely attractive and wanted by car lovers and by those who can afford buying such cars. One of these limited editions is the 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Nera, an exotic and powerful car which continues the Lamborghini tradition of building fast, luxurious and high performance vehicles able to offer unbelievable driving experiences at maximum speeds, hard to predict.

This special edition of the 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe was revealed at the 2006 Paris Auto Show. The so-called Lamborghini Gallardo Nera was manufactured in only 185 units and all its extensive special options were provided by the well know Lamborghini program, known as “Ad Personam”. As a result, all the 185 cars manufactured are unique because of this incredible program which provides a large palette of options for the interior and the body of the supercar taking into consideration the personal desires of the customer.

The 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Nera is available in two basic colors including the “Nero Serapis” and the “Nero Noctis” and features special paintwork in matte black. This color covers the side mirrors, the rear body panels, the rear spoiler, the roof and some selected front panels along with the door sills. The “Callisto” design painted in matt black features some additional details such as matt black rims along with brake calipers in silver, darkened tail lights and white side indicator lenses.

Lamborghini Gallardo Nera opt Lamborghini Gallardo Nera

Lamborghini Gallardo Nera

The interior of this Lamborghini Gallardo Nera is styled in “Nero Perseus” and “Bianco Polar” because of the “bicolor sportive” equipment. The “Branding Package” and the Ad Personam offer additional touches to those who are interested in having an incredible supercar. There is the “Leather II” version in “Bianco Polar” which features leather trims for the handbrake and gear level console as well as for the climate control panel and the seat side cushions. The driver and the passenger seat are covered in leather using the rhomboidal stitching in the “Q-citura” model also used for the roof lining, the engine compartment and the door trims.

Lamborghini Gallardo Nera 1 opt Lamborghini Gallardo Nera

Lamborghini Gallardo Nera Interior

The Lamborghini Gallardo Nera is equipped as standard with a rear-view camera, navigation system, on-board computer, lifting system, alarm system and a made-to-measure cover. The optional features for this Gallardo include the engine hood with transparent glass panels, the e-gear automatic transmission, the carbon-ceramic brakes and a Bluetooth-compatible radio.

If all these components didn’t make you find the Lamborghini Gallardo Nera an interesting and luxurious choice for a super sports car manufactured by a famous Italian automaker than the engineering components will do the trick. Under the hood, the Lamborghini Gallardo Nera is equipped with the same powerful engine used by the 2007 Gallardo Coupe. This engine has a 5 liters capacity and ten cylinders able to produce 520 horsepower. As a result, this incredible Lamborghini sprints from zero to 100 km/h in only 4 seconds while the maximum speed achieved by the Nera is of 315 km/h. This Lamborghini Gallardo Nera also features the all-wheel drive system, double wishbones suspension, vented discs Brembo brakes and traction system.

The Lamborghini Gallardo Nera is able to offer you an amazing driving experience without compromising the comfort and the luxury of the car for a higher speed. The price tag for a Lamborghini Gallardo Nera begins at around $150,000 and increases depending on the optional features that you may want to choose for your brand new Lamborghini. What’s left to do? Get the budget and your list of desires ready!

Autoinsurance should I Buy Rental Car Insurance

You feel you could use a vacation and since you don’t have a car, renting one is your best bet. Yet before you navigate on the web to find a good rental, or head to any “rent a car” company, you need to think about the first question they will ask you related to the car: do you want to get rental car insurance?

The majority of rental car consumers will tell you that it’s pointless because it’s not worth it. Do not heed that advice because it’s misinformed. Despite the few extra bucks that you may have to pay, it might be the smartest thing you do.

In case you have auto insurance, or home insurance, than the first thing you need to do is call your active insurance agent. Tell him that you plan on renting a car and ask the necessary info about existing coverage that you have and if it extends to the rental car as well. In case your insurance contains coverage for collision or comprehensive damage, then it shouldn’t be necessary to get another insurance policy for the rental car since it will be located within the limits extended by your current coverage. Also charging the cost of the rental on a credit card may help as well since your credit card may have coverage for rental car loss waiver offered by the credit company.

Yet you shouldn’t limit yourself at those choices. The fact that you may possess collision and comprehensive coverage, or the fact that you charge the expense on a credit card, are indeed advantageous but not enough. Consider that in many states insurance policies do not cover the loss of use. Loss of use is the number of fees lost by the company in case the rental car is in shop or in need of repairs. So if you want to be covered from this angle, than you better get rental car insurance.

In case you plan to leave the country driving the rental car. You should make some serious checking to see the insurance limits that are a required in the foreign country and check if your current insurance offers coverage outside the country.

Autoinsurance should I Buy Rental Car Insurance opt Autoinsurance should I Buy Rental Car Insurance

Autoinsurance should I Buy Rental Car Insurance

One major factor resides in the coverage of possible personal effects. Considering that you will take with you digital cameras, mp3 players and even a laptop, the risk of losing something or even worse being stolen is a lot higher and the cost to replace those multimedia items can be really high. In case you have extended your coverage before and already have homeowners insurance, than you may not require additional insurance since your current one will cover this angle. But many customers, in the effort of reducing as much as possible the insurance fees, have increased the current deductible to over $2500 dollars. So, basically that means that if you don’t have losses that go over $2500, the insurance company will not cover it. Given the most common situation, your personal effects rarely go over a total of $2500 you will have to replace them yourself, and consider that the average is about 2 extra bucks a day, makes it worth it.

If you’re still not convinced than consider this scenario: you are involved in an accident from which you are to blame and you claim your personal insurance policy. The effect will be your permanent mark as a high risk driver and therefore premiums will increase. So for a few extra bucks you can save a lot in the long run and be covered as well.

Car Noise Problem

Besides the soft purr of the engine, usually we don’t pay attention to many other noises that may occur and for that, in case of a malfunction we don’t know what’s going on. So let’s try to learn a few things using our…ears. Various sounds usually make very good guides in detecting, assessing, troubleshooting and fixing a problem. Noises that occur at start up, noises that can be heard from under the car or others as such are the perfect guidelines for a mechanic for analyzing the problem and finding the malfunction.

Let’s talk about two of the more “dangerous” noises to be heard. One of them is a high pitched sound when you start the engine and it’s cold. This is most likely caused by a loose drive belt that connects the alternator to the engine. This usually occurs when a car has been sitting in one place for a longer period of time and the battery is nearly empty. This will cause the alternator to “accelerate” and develop more energy to pump into the battery stressing the belt more. In case the belt is not tight enough it will slide especially at startup. The sound is very high and loud so it’s kind of impossible to miss.

Even the lightest looseness can cause the belt to slide in the niche and make that sound at every car startup. In case you have a model that has a slim V belt you should definitely check for signs of wear, certain cracks, or ragged appearance.  If the belt seems ok with no obvious signs of wear to it, than you should take it down and turn all rotating items with your hands to ensure that nothing is blocked or is turning very hard. Be careful, there may be grinding noises that indicate obstructions. This is something to be done periodically even if no sounds can be herd. It’s proper preventive maintenance.

You need to know that some car models have what is called a serpentine belt. It’s a belt that connects all the moving parts related to the alternator altogether. This type of belt will not make the loud pitch sound unless it’s completely worn out. There are several side effects here: engine overheating, air conditioning not working, battery draining and other things. If the belt breaks than a whole lot of lights will go on in the same time. In that case you need to stop the car immediately to avoid further damage.

Car noise problem opt Car Noise Problem

Car noise problem

In case you hear a grinding noise coming from the engine area than maybe the water pump may be to blame. You can hear that sound that oscillates each time the engine revs. If so there probably should be leaking a bit of radiator fluid. A good idea is to look under the car for drops of bright green fluid. Often this happens when the bearing of the pump hosing goes, and, naturally to make things worse, it deteriorates the seal in the process. After the seal is gone drops of radiator fluid will find their way out. If that happens than you need to have the entire cooling system checked since seals get damaged when particles can be found in the cooling agent.

The alternative is once again related to the alternator belt. In case of an obstruction you may hear a grinding noise. Fortunately this is easy to spot since the alternator belt drives more components so all you have to do is check the one that is not turning and changing the components are fairly easy to replace.