Aviva Car Insurance

Aviva is one of the most important car insurance companies in the UK, and occupies the fifth place in the top of world’s insurance companies. Its results are due to the over 50 million clients that are free to choose from a significant diversity of services and products. 28 countries have the opportunity to benefit from these options.

The Aviva’s car insurance company experience on the market helps it keep its customer satisfied. Recently, Aviva invested in the online facility, offering significant discounts that can go up to 20%. Their low cost rates are another incentive that usually convince people to go for the online option and the deals they offer.

When it comes to reviews, Aviva is known for its transparent pricing policy and its well built online quotation system that helps the customer have a more complex perspective on the car insurance market. The company also takes into account the clients characteristics when it offers car insurance. For example, if you are an experienced driver, you don’t drive many miles a year or you are wiling to trust the company with the insurance of multiple cars you might be glad to take advantage of impressive discounts on the premium. The Aviva car insurance can be temporary if you wish and if you are going for a permanent one you can choose between comprehensive, theft and third party insurance.

The comprehensive Aviva car insurance is the most advantageous one. For example, all the drivers listed on the policy will be able to have their own no claims discount even if they share the same car. And sometimes building up a positive history with an insurance company like Aviva can bring a lot of benefits in the future. Secondly, this type of insurance comes with an “Underinsured Driver Promise”. That means that if in the accident you were involved, the other driver is uninsured and found at fault your claims bonus will remain unchanged.

Aviva Car Insurance opt Aviva Car Insurance

Aviva Car Insurance

So, even if you will be involved in an accident you should not panic. The Aviva car insurance company will make all the arrangements necessary in order to repair your car at an approved garage while making sure you and your passengers get home safely. Moreover all the repairs made during the active period of your car insurance will come with a three years warranty. The company will also provide you with a temporary car that will come with Aviva temporary insurance. In addition, if the car accident wasn’t your fault your medical expenses and the bills associates with car repairs will be covered by the company.

Aviva is always very interested in its costumer’s well being. As a result when the European Court of Justice ruled on the 1st of March 2011 that insurers will not take anymore into consideration gender when they calculate rates, the company posted a response on its site. The company wanted to assure their clients that for now nothing will be changed, considering that the transition period is extended until the 21st of December 2012. Their statement also emphasized that there are many other factors taken into consideration while deciding pricing. They assured their clients that the costs will always reflect the different levels of risk represented by different individuals.

If I got you interested you should check out www.aviva.com in order to get free quotes and some more information on the subject. From there you can go to the sites containing information about the Aviva car insurance available in your country.

Custom Lamborghini

There are a lot of speculations in the car industry about the fact that in the future Lamborghini planes to produce a super motorcycle. In fact, speculations is too much said, rather correctly would be to consider them the product of some people rich imagination.

Why? The Lamborghini brand is now owned by Audi and Audi is a member of Volkswagen Group (VAG Group). These are the “guilty” persons for entombment the NSU and Golf and Polo are two automobiles economics that lead to the decline of the motorcycle industry in 70’s.

With all these being said, the Custom Lamborghini motorcycle continues to be a nice dream for many motorcyclists. The Germans from Thunderbike transposed their own dream into reality and created the motorcycle of their dream.

If in the thoughts of most people the Custom Lamborghini motorcycle is some kind of super mega Hayabusa, ThunderBike had the vision of this motorcycle and saw it like a dragster.

Lamborghini is a custom build on a Dragster RS frame of the Thunder peoples and it is equipped with a Harley-Davidson engine. Please do not confuse a Dragster (especially the Lamborghini version) with a cruiser. Excepting the huge engine Screamin Eagle of 110 CI (1.8 liters) the dragster is equipped with a reversed crotch and the face break with two disks and radial clamps.

The back wheel has a design inspired by the race wheels on the Lamborghini (with five tenons) and it wears a 280 mm tire. The back suspension has a mono arm tilt and horizontal buffer placed central. The back break is assured with a perimeter disk and clamp with six pistons from Nissin.

Custom Lamborghini motorcycle opt Custom Lamborghini

Custom Lamborghini motorcycle

Behind all the technical details, the custom Lamborghini motorcycle is very impressive by its dimensions. The wheelbase of 1,800 mm is not a record for the custom class but it is enough to make the total length more than two meters and a half.

I am sure that for all motorcyclists these pieces of information are only something to be amazed and trying a Custom Lamborghini motorcycle will make them happier than ever. They know that this motorcycle choose the best components in order to create the best motorcycle around the world. Speed and adrenaline is something that all Lamborghini car users already are familiar with. Now this intensity of emotions will also be felt by the motorcyclists when they will experiment the driving of the best motorcycle named Lamborghini.

With this motorcycle, Lamborghini proved once again that super sport is their magic word and high speed is the definition of their products. We can only think now how will be understood this product by the competitors. I am very sure that German motorcycle was created not only for somebody pleasure, but to satisfy all the needs of a motorcyclist.

Sell Collector Car

For those who are passionate, or those that love the sight of a collector car, a hot rod or an antique, restoring collector or antique cars can bring some serious money to an individual that acquires a diamond in the rough. Old cars have a long list of people waiting to be given the chance to start the next restoration project, to acquire the car, and “revive” it. When looking at it from the business perspective, buying and selling collector cars is a sublevel of a larger market segment that covers the classic car fans which spend millions of dollars every year, in restoring these cars to their original state.

If you want to sell, a project car of this sort, than you need to find the places where these gatherings are organized. You can get in touch with possible individuals interested and give them the car to work with.

Ok, first you’re going to need some pictures of the car. Try to take them in a place that is well lit so that you can show them all the angles to work with. Also include images that show both the exterior and interior and don’t forget to take some for the car parts as well. The easiest way is to use a digital camera, so you can download the pictures on your computer in digital format and then place them online to advertise. Good pictures are the first selling point of each car. And by taking them as clear and detailed as possible, maximizes your chances to get an interested buyer. The buyer want to be sure that he has as much info as he can get in order to make the decision of giving you a call about the car, therefore having a good set of pictures online is a must.

Sell Collector Car Sell Collector Car

Sell Collector Car

Contact a couple of online websites that can be used as guides into the classic and collector car world. Some of the best info can be found at Hemmings, Auto Trade Classics or Classic Car Sales. Here you can find the best info related to selling project collector cars for restoration. You have the option to place ads with complete information about the car including pictures of the car and so on. Than you can submit the ad at the For Sale section included in the process and wait around for prospective buyers.

Another good idea is to place an advertisement in a local Auto Trader magazine that publishes collector cars for sale just about each week. The local market that targets restoration projects is the ticket for a good, fast sale. Car enthusiasts will love to restore those cars in their own back yard, in plain sight.

Get some info about the closest car shows and enlist your car in one of them. This is probably the best way to find the perfect buyer for your car. Since car shows are not something to be missed, especially for restoration project seekers, such an event will bring individuals form each nearby towns. They all look for new projects to work on, or to see other ideas, modifications, improvements that have already been done on similar cars. Seeing a collector car in a bad shape can awake the thirst for a challenge in some of them. This works for you perfectly since they will desire to buy your car just to see it shiny and sparkling. In case you own a car that is really rare, or valuable in any way is a HUGE advantage. You will have to beat car enthusiasts off with a stick.

Most Effective Way To Sell A Car

When a car owner decides to sells his car privately he’s satisfied with placing a sale sign in the window and a few classifieds in the local newspaper. That’s why so many people end up trading their cars at a dealership where they are very likely to get a price with up to $1,500 lower. So, if you’d rather keep that money in your pocket you should know that the most effective way to sell a car is by taking advantage of the online listings.

If you post your ad on some of the reliable websites specialized in selling used cars you will considerably increase the number of potential buyers. A recent study has shown that almost 59% of the people that are interested in buying a used car visit such websites before making a final choice. But for this plan to work you will need to find the most popular websites and know how to handle the process.

First of all, regardless of the fact that you are selling the car online you will still have to make sure it is in the best shape possible in terms of appearance but also when it comes to its parts and functionality. It’s always wise to be honest about your car’s condition and don’t waste the time of other people. To make sure you will quickly close the deal you should also consider preparing in advance a Carfax or Experian history report, your service records and any other proofs you may have related to the car’s repairs.
car cash sell Most Effective Way To Sell A Car
The next step involves choosing the right websites for your ad. One choice is EBay Motors because is the largest virtual market for used cars. Even if you will have to pay $90 for listing the car, the advantages are many. People will be able to bid for your car, you get to set a reserve price in order to make sure you will get the minimum price you are comfortable with and you can reach out to buyers that live across the country. Other possible websites you should consider are AutoTrader.com and CarDirect.com that also deal with used car sales but in a different manner. The fees vary depending on the number of photos you want to post and the amount of details you want to specify. For example, on AutoTrader.com you can opt for a simple ad and pay only $25 or you can choose the more elaborate option that allows you to post up to 18 photos and pay $79. The advantage is that the ad stays on the website until your car is sold. On CarsDirect.com you will pay $25 for a simple ad valid for 30 days while for an ad that includes six pictures and remains valid until you sell the car, they will charge you $37.50.

The manner in which you design the online listing of your car is as important as finding the right website. The price you set is a factor, so you should consult the Kelley Blue Book and determine an accurate price point. For a second opinion you can browse Edmunds.com and by specifying the car’s manufacture year, evaluating its overall condition and typing the car’s mileage, you will receive an accurate price. Make sure the photos you include capture the car’s interior and exterior and also the odometer as proof of the car’s mileage. In a few words you should also remind of any special features or upgrades that the car comes with. By doing so, you will realize this is definitely the most effective way to sell a car.

Beat Chevrolet

Chevrolet cars have always impressed customers with their incredible design, high performance engineering and luxurious components. Recently, Chevrolet managed to cover the most important niche of the Indian car market by launching the Chevrolet Beat as the first mini car released in this country. The car was created in the South Korean design studios of General Motors. The Chevrolet Beat has an elegant exterior and a luxurious interior, displays many features of a muscle car and is equipped with a powerful engine and twin-barrel headlamps. It’s quite a tough and smart vehicle which will make you believe in love at first sight.

This incredible Chevrolet Beat is a premium hatchback vehicle that features a trendy exterior provided by its raked headlamps, body colored door handles, colored bumper and by its bold and aggressive front grille. The color palette available for the exterior of the Beat is large. You are free to choose between Olympic White, Super Red, Misty Lake, Lenin Beige, Green Cocktail and Caviar Black. These colors are available only for the Indian customers. Because of the high placed tail lamps surrounded by chrome accents, the Chevrolet Beat’s exterior looks even more impressive. Inside, the Chevrolet Beat is as stylish as on the exterior because of the many luxurious finishing and gadgets that it features. You will be impressed by the dual tone dashboard which is coupled with the advanced instrument cluster, the quality leather which covers the steering wheel and the gear knob and the fabric upholstery. The inside also offers the passengers and the driver some comfortable and sporty seats which are designed to help each one of them enjoy the ride. The Chevrolet Beat is also available with an interesting optional package which includes features you would expect to find inside of a luxurious car. Some examples would be the Integrated Centre Stack Audio System which includes an USB and Aux-in Port, the speedometer and the digital LCD tachometer.

The Chevrolet Beat is available with a 1.2 liters SMARTECH engine with two versions as options: the light version that delivers a mileage of 18.6 kmpl and the second version (Beat LPG) which offers a mileage of 13.29 kmpl. Chevrolet used for manufacturing this car model only petrol engines, but the customers can choose between three different versions of this car: the Chevrolet Beat PS, the Beat LS and the Beat LT. All these versions are equipped with the same engine (a 1.2 liters 16 valve DOCH engine able to produce 80.5 horsepower and 108Nm of maximum torque). As a result, the Chevrolet Beat goes from zero to 100 kmph in 14.8 seconds. It also features an automatic temperature controller placed inside the engine which reduces the noise produced by the engine and a five-speed manual transmission.

chevrolet beat2 Beat Chevrolet

Because of the body-frame integral system, this vehicle offers the driver a better stability and firmness on the road. In addition, by using a McPherson front suspension along with a four-pointed placed engine cradle, the crash safety and the driving performance were improved. This amazing Chevrolet Beat is also equipped with other safety measures including ABS, the Dual SRS Airbag, halogen headlamps and side impact beams. It also comes equipped with 2.5 mph impact proof bumpers, child locks and high placed stop lamps.

On the Indian market, the price for a Chevrolet Beat varies between Rs 3,55,000 and Rs 4,66,324 and depends on the dealer chosen. Because of its affordable price, the Beat has become extremely popular. Remember that that price includes a fresh interior and exterior design and a powerful engine.

Best Car Shipping

There may be a time when you will seek variety, or seek something in particular. If that happens to be your dream car, than you cannot possibly find variety in your country so you will head on to foreign lands. Find it you will but how will you take it back home? The answer comes in the form of a good, reliable, well known professional car shipping company.

Since you were willing to travel the world to find your car, car shipping companies are willing to transport it across the seas back to your homeland. Since there are hundreds of shipping companies all around the world, how do you determine which are the most reliable. That actually isn’t very complicated, all you need to do is check out the number of visitors on each website (we are talking about unique visitors). The more visit the website gets, its value and reliability in the people’s eye increases, to that extend serving as a guide for you in picking the best transport deal. Let’s check out some of the most popular car shipping companies on the market.

First stop is at Auto Movers of New York shipping company located in Staten Island, New York. They are a national and international car shipping company which transport cars just about anywhere. Either it’s across the country or across the world. Their transportation facilities are completely insured and very capable. You can book a transport by calling them, or by order form and, of course, getting a quote online. They keep the customer satisfied by: all carriers are fully insured, federally licensed, every couple of days they are shipping, contact with the carriers 24/7 for updates on location. With 1164 visitors I think just about any car seeker in NY is heading their way.

Next in line is the 1st Choice Shipping transport company. They are located in Redding California. The reason for their success is that it’s a family business that has been in the transporting business for many years. This can be very appealing for the customer because when you’re in contact with them you are not dealing with a corporation that gives and requires information like a robot, it’s a more familiar and warmer atmosphere where you can speak freely. They treat every customer like the friendly neighbor, and for that reason managing to get nothing less than 1233 visitors, and quite a few ratings.

Best Car Shipping opt Best Car Shipping

Best Car Shipping

IQ Transport is literally one of the smartest choices you can do when in need of shipping. They are fully aware of the fact that there are hundreds of other shipping companies literally beating each other with sticks to get to you. That’s why IQ Transport makes its priority in showing up on the top three results no matter where you search: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. Providing quality service for each customer and guiding him from the beginning of the process to its end, makes IQ Transport stay several steps ahead of the competition. The 1326 votes speak for themselves.

And finally the current market leader the AMERIFREIGHT. Not only that they have 1740 votes but they have one long review list. They handle each customer with care and the atmosphere is pleasant, you won’t feel like you’re pressured to do anything since their staff is not paid by commissions like other companies. It’s enough to check out their record: rated A by the BBB for the quality of car shipping services, rated A by the Afta Plan for complete protection of all transported items, and may other “A’s”.

Green Chevrolet

In 2007, General Motors released the Chevrolet Volt as a “tech-exotic” concept and, now, after four years, the car has become a mass production vehicle. This green Chevrolet car has evolved a lot since its first appearance at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show.

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt is a four-seat, four door plug-in hybrid hatchback equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack which can deliver 149 horsepower for around 40 miles in the city. When the 40 miles that are powered by the battery pack are exceeded, the gasoline-powered V4 engine starts providing electricity to the motor for 300 extra miles. Because of these figures, many people consider that the 2011 Chevrolet Volt is most likely the most fuel-efficiency vehicle and the most advanced hybrid car available nowadays on the market.

The Chevrolet Volt has an amazing exterior design completed by 17-inch alloy wheels and automatic headlights. This green Chevrolet also features automatic climate control, heated mirrors, cruise control, six-way manual front seats, cloth upholstery and remote ignition. Inside, the Chevrolet Volt has a lot of electronic devices with sensitive buttons. The dashboard is more similar to an oversized iPod rather than to an automotive control panel.

The interior is equipped with high quality materials and gadgets that allow this green Chevrolet to be in trend. The gadgets available include an incredible navigation system with touchscreen, Bluetooth, a six-speaker Bose stereo system which has CD and DVD player. There is also available a Premium trim package which features a leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather upholstery, a rear camera and a park assist package and heated front seats. Because of all this features the Volt is spacious and comfortable and gives a new meaning to the phrase “futuristic components”.

2011 Chevy Volt Green Chevrolet
volt interior01 opt Green Chevrolet

Under the hood, the Chevrolet Volt hosts an electric motor and a 1.4 liter V4 internal combustion engine. The second engine uses premium fuel and is activated when the electric motor stops. When the car achieves higher speeds, the V4 engine offers support to the electric engine by powering the wheels directly. This green Chevrolet goes from zero to 60 mph in 9.2 seconds when the electric mode is activated and in 9 seconds when the car uses the second type of engine. You can recharge the battery only at a 120 or 240-volt outlet, but there is also the possibility of allowing the battery to recharge slowly with the help of the regenerative braking system or of the engine generator. When it comes to the fuel economy, this car has an electricity range of maximum 39 miles in a mixed driving. If the car uses only the internal combustion engine, the fuel economy is of around 31.4 mpg.

If we were to appreciate the driving impression of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt we can say that it achieves high speeds quickly and it offers a type of performance specific to electric cars. When the car is driven in the electric mode, the Volt is smooth and quiet as any other electric car and it’s capable of maintaining these features even when the second engine is activated. The only inconvenience is that the car is a little nose-heavy when you try to take a corner, but all in all the Chevrolet Volt drives naturally and better than the Toyota Prius or the Honda Insight. When it comes to the safety measures, the 2011 Chevrolet Volt features antilock brakes, front side airbags, full-length side curtain airbags and stability control.

If you were impressed by this green Chevrolet you should also know that the price is of around $40,000. In my opinion it’s worth every penny.

Buying A New Used And Leasing A Car

When it comes to leasing or buying people always have different opinions. Some of them say that at the end of the leasing term you don’t have anything to show for your money. People that say that don’t take into consideration the fact that, leasing makes the buyer pay for a given period of time of his choosing. On the other hand, buying means either a lot of money or a big finance, for which you have to pay for many months. The online calculating system from Smartmoney.com is able to show you the best road to take. Yet take heed that the system has been designed to compare leasing and buying, it doesn’t take financing into calculations. Since that is a very volatile and unpredictable option it makes it a lot harder to take into calculation.

Both sides have advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages are: Low down payments, despite the fact that many leasing deals are advertised with a claim on a down payment you can simply ask the dealer to limit it. The thing is that, the more cash you pay on the down payment at the contract singing, the less you will have to pay on monthly fees.

Since you pay only for the car’s depreciation, you have reduced monthly payments, compared to ones you would have to pay for a much longer period of time if you decide to finance the car.

Buying A New Used And Leasing A Car opt Buying A New Used And Leasing A Car

Buying A New Used And Leasing A Car

And finally, the easy turnover option allows you to simply go back to the dealership when the 2 years lease expires (assuming that your car has been maintained properly and is in good shape) and you can simply ask for another brand new model for the next 2 years. That’s a great way to avoid the headaches gained from trying to sell it as a used car, or haggling with a dealer.

There are also some downsides to it as well, the first one being the lack of equity. Since you are simply paying a rent just like in an apartment, your leasing terms don’t finalize in owning anything. Compared to traditional financing, you cannot look for a day when you can finally say the payments are over and you’re heading on in YOUR car.

Another upsetting thing is the lack of flexibility. In case you have or want to get rid of the lease before term, you’re faced with the predicament of paying a high penalty fee that can be the equivalent of 4-6 months of payment, depending on the leasing company you choose.

You may find that the constrictions set on your vehicle may be unsettling. For example, just about any lease contract implies that for every extra mile you drive over a specified limit, you have to pay somewhere between 12 and 15 cents (which is ridiculously high). Usually you are limited to a number between 12000 and 15000 miles per year which is the average a driver makes. Keep in mind that you have to take very good care of the car, since each little damage sustain that’s over the usual wear and tear is deductable from your pocket. A good way to get rid of the mileage restriction is buying extra per year, at a reduced cost of an average of 10 cents.

And finally, you may not be well covered by insurance. In case of car theft or an accident in which the car is completely smashed, the insurance company will only cover the car for it’s market value, leaving you with your lease active and no car.

Best Used Car

Nowadays car enthusiasts everywhere search for a bigger better deal on their cars, therefore the car industry and car market, especially used car market is more thriving than ever. After a little market research I’ve came across some interesting results. The leaders of five categories of cars which are the most popular are the following:

For the ones on the market for a compact sedan, searching for efficiency and safety, the leader renders itself perfectly into all requirements: we’re talking about the 2003-2008 Hyundai Elantra series. Despite a slow start in the ’90s caused to a bad reputation of unstability and unreliability, the Hyundai Elantra has improved dramatically since then. Due to a complete redesign in 2001 the Elantra of today is currently a class leader, with an improved reliability, stability and a long list of standard features like: air-conditioning, full power accessories, side airbags, 15-inch wheels and an AM/FM cassette player. A very decent engine for a small sedan: a 2 liter engine that generates 135 hp more than enough to power up the compact and launch it on a smooth ride.

The undisputed leader of the midsize sedan section is the:  2003-2008 Toyota Camry. High quality body and legendary reliability are “genetic” markers of the Toyota. The Camry offers a compliant and smooth ride that is perfect for a family car. A powerful 3.6 liter V6 engine powers up the Toyota, even more than it has to in my opinion. Along side with a six speed manual or automatic transmission depending on the choice of the customer and a front wheel drive makes the Camry not only safe and smooth but fast and powerful as well, up to the task of driving 200.000 miles without major improvements. A definite and absolute class leader.

Toyota Camry opt Best Used Car

Toyota Camry

Once again we cross paths with the Korean manufacturer Hyundai. The large sedan section is currently owned by the 2006-2008 Hyundai Azera. One great advantage of this great car is the fact that it’s inexpensive, but don’t take anything away from it. When driven it certainly doesn’t feel or look cheap. A sleek looking grille and really cool looking body lines, resembles more an Acura than a Hyundai. The inside looks just as good “enriched” with faux wood and metallic piping. The cockpit is bursting with technology such as rain-sensing wipers and a power-tilt/telescoping steering wheel. A big 3-8 liter V6 engine develops 263 hp combined with the five speed automatic transmission, launches the Azera at an acceleration of 7.1 sec for the 0-60mph run which is really good for a large sized sedan.

Hyundai Elantra opt Best Used Car

Hyundai Elantra

Finally the Coupe class leader is the 2003-2008 BMW 3. This one doesn’t even need an introduction. Luxury, sporty-looks, power, safety and speed are the tenets of the BMW manufacturer. A twin turbocharged 3.0 liter V6 engine develops a massive 320 hp combined with a 7 speed dual clutch automated manual (DCT) transmission develops unparalleled performance on the road. The inside it’s as “turbocharged” as the outside, a little less luxury traded for a lot of roadster-looks the BMW 3 looks more appropriate in a NASCAR than in your backyard. Equipped to the teeth with the most high-tech German components, this car will nearly drive itself.

There you have it, the leaders of all sedan and coupe classes. Which one suits you best?

College Grad Used Car Lease

Many car manufacturers have been thinking about college graduates and have designed some college grad used car lease programs that are an option a graduate should definitely take into consideration.

An example is the Honda Graduate Program that offers competitive financing not only for those interested in buying a used certified Honda car but also for those who want to lease one. An interesting feature of this program is that the first payment can be deferred with 90 days. Only those who have finished college or a nursing school in the last two years or are going to graduate college within four months and can bring proof of employment are eligible for this college grad used car lease program.

Hyundai is also trying to help grad students by offering lease deals that involve no amount of money due at signing, by offering 90 days until you are required to make the first payment and by lowering the cost with $400 no matter what other rebates apply to the Hyundai model you have chosen. Like Honda, they address their program to those who have finished college in the past two years and to those who are 6 months away from their last day of college. By meeting these standards you can also choose to be part of the Infiniti program for college grads known as the Signature Graduate Finance Program. It’s a great opportunity to lease an Infiniti, because you will benefit from special lease terms. All you will need to do is submit online an application, provide proof of employment and of annual income.
bollywood old actresses hot photos7 College Grad Used Car Lease
Kia is also willing to help college graduates by offering a $750 incentive on all college grad used car leases. Next is Lexus, which even if doesn’t offer special rebates for this category of leasers, has still designed the College Graduate Program that includes the 90-day free of charge until the first payment, the no down payment option and road assistance for a year as a bonus. If a Mercedes-Benz is more like the kind of car you would like to lease, then I’m sorry to let you know that they haven’t yet come up with a college grad used car lease special.

Another option would be the college grad leases offered by Mini. But in this case, while the 6 rules you should respect in order to qualify for such a lease are clear as crystal, the program’s benefits are far away from being clear. Some say that the main advantage of this program is represented by the lower interest rates, because most car manufacturers set higher interest rates for those who make little money a year and don’t have much work experience.

The Audi Financial Services also thought about college graduates. They offer you special college grad lease options that you can benefit from as long as the monthly payment on the car you choose represents less than 25% of your income, you can bring proof you are employed and if you have graduated from college in the last 2 years.

Maybe the most spectacular college grad car lease is offered by Toyota which offers in 2011 a rebate of $1000 to any college graduate that wants to lease a new 2011 Toyota Camry. But even for used certified Toyota cars the lease offer is as great. No money is due at signing, you will benefit from competitive APRs and you won’t have to cover any down payment for the first 90 days. The requirements are the same as those imposed by other car manufacturers that offer special lease deals for college graduates.