How To Decide What Type Of Car To Buy

Investing a lot of money in an expensive asset such as a car is a big decision. So, before deciding what type of car to buy, you should determine if you necessarily need to buy a new car. That’s because in today’s economy is wise to get the most out of any asset you own.

To decide what type of car to buy you should take a look at your current car and decide which features are the ones that don’t satisfy your needs. Think about the space available inside the car, remember the reliability issues that might have worried you in the past or still worry you and determine the value of the monthly costs necessary for your car’s maintenance. If you want to use the car for family trips you should consider a car with more cargo space in the back and with a better entertainment system to keep your kids preoccupied until you get to the final destination. Fuel economy is also important, because these days the gasoline price becomes higher and higher each day. This list will help you know what to look for in a new vehicle you are attracted to at a dealership and decide if you need to choose any optional features that will definitely require a higher budget.

The second step involves setting a maximum budget you are comfortable with and that will cover the cost of the type of car you would like to buy. If you are willing to trade-in your old car in order to buy another car, you should know that a dealer will offer you a price that represents only 75% of your old car’s market value. If you want to sell your old car for more money you should think about selling it privately.

Once you figure out the budget, you will need to make a list of the car makes and models you can afford and decide if you are going to buy a new or a used car. Even if you have a lower budget don’t completely dismiss the option of buying a new car, because in 2011 you are likely to find very cheap new cars. To be able to choose the best car you’ve added to your list, you will need to read some reviews and take a look at some estimated running and repair costs. These are important details, because your monthly budget should also be in your mind. If after this process you end up with more than one possible choice, the next step you should take is test drive the remaining options.
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If you are completely satisfied with one of the cars that remained on your list you should prepare yourself to negotiate a bit the price asked. If the seller refuses to grant a discount, you should walk away and wait for a phone call while looking elsewhere. Many times, a dealer or a private seller will refuse to offer a client a discount because he starts thinking that the client likes very much the car and won’t walk away. That’s why is always wise to act a bit if you want to get a better price.

These are the main factors you should take into consideration when you need to buy another car. The process of deciding what type of car to buy is simple as long as you make that list and decide if you want more interior space even if that means higher fuel consumption or you’re satisfied with a smaller cabin as long as you will have to pay less money for fuel.

What Should I Consider When Buying A Used Car

Buying a car always implies a certain measure of risks, especially when you’re deciding upon a used car. You always have to check for inconsistencies to be sure that the car you bought doesn’t drive as “fast” as a waffle. Here are some of the things you need to look for when considering a car purchase.

It’s highly recommended to look through the history records for a car since it can show you a lot of things the dealer or the private seller will omit telling you. You can find out things like the existence of a car accident that the car could have been involved in, certain flood damage, eventual odometer rollbacks (very important!), emission results and the use of the vehicle (if it has been used as taxi or as rental car, for leasing and other uses).

Next stop would be the car checklist, since you don’t have to have extensive mechanical knowledge to spot eventual faults in and on the car. For this you need only a few items: paper and pen a flashlight, a magnet, a paper towel, and a CD. These may seem a strange collection of items but they actually are very useful. For example a flashlight you may use when looking for corrosion, under the car, near the transmission, under the hoot, at fenders on the inside and so on. A small magnet can show you hidden corrosion spots that have been repaired since metallic residue still resonates to the magnet. A paper towel can show you the quality of the engine oil, or transmission fluid, and finally a music CD to check the car stereo.

What Should I Consider When Buying A Used Car opt What Should I Consider When Buying A Used Car

What Should I Consider When Buying A Used Car

The next stop is a thorough engine check, first the oil. For that you need to leave the car on a straight level spot, take the oil dipstick and clean it, after cleaning it insert it back, give it a couple of seconds and rise it again. If you see black or low oil, than that engine has not been maintained properly. An oil change is always required every few months if you want to keep the engine in tip top shape. Another thing regarding oil, look for leaks, under the car should be little drops of oil in case of engine cracks and leaks. If present, it indicates a very serious problem, therefore the dealer’s explanation better be really good.

After the engine, the next stop is transmission. To check the transmission you do the exact same steps as the engine oil, you have a dipstick which you clean, and put back in the slot to check for transmission fluid.

Remember, the engine and the transmission may be ok to your eyes, yet, if you’re really interested in the car it’s recommended that you have a mechanic have a look at it. His more experienced eyes may spot things you’ve overlooked. You may even ask him advice on odometer possible tinkering. He will certainly tell you to look at the odometer. Checking if the numbers are completely aligned is a good idea since the previous owner could have tampered with it. Another way is to look to the tires. Dealers don’t usually give you new tires as a sign of good faith. A deeper reason could be hidden under the promise of reliable new tires. Consider that tires can last from 35.000 miles to 50.000, if a car went over that distance than a tire change is in need. Therefore be careful and keep in mind that odometer tampering is breaking the law.

Doing all these can get you perfect car for you.

Car Lease About

The first thing you need to understand about car lease is that it’s not a loan. Getting a loan means that you can actually purchase something. Leasing is actually a rental agreement. If you make a loan for a car and you finish all the payments on the loan, you remain with the car. On the other hand, when you finish all payments and reach the end of the contract, you end up owning nothing.

Car Lease About opt Car Lease About

Car Lease About

So if you end up with nothing at the end of the lease, than who should lease? Leasing was created with the purpose of offering vehicles for business use while providing an economical way to do so. Nowadays it has become a way for the average individual to drive around much more than they can afford. 75% of all Mercedes, BMW’s or Lexus’s you see around are leased.

If you have a small business of your own, or plan on using the vehicle for business purposes only, than yes, leasing may be the best thing for you. However, if you are one of the many that cannot deduct lease fees from taxes than leasing would be a bad idea. If you put all the payments head to head you may come to realize that buying a car might cost you less than leasing for one and ending up without it in the end.

Dealers will tell you every time that leasing is a good idea and the fact that you will be driving a new car non stop. The reality is completely different. First of all you have all the responsibilities of owning a car and no advantage. You don’t have a car title to show for since until the end of the lease, the leasing company holds it, yet you are the one doing all the maintenance, repairs and insurance cover. It limits the use of your car dramatically because if you dare cross over the 15000 mile limit than you might end up paying 15 cents for each extra mile (if that’s not ripping off, than what is?). The only financial advantage of a car lease is that you don’t have to pay the sale sates tax more than once per month with the monthly lees fees.

Before entering a leasing contract you should read all the clauses carefully because you may be surprised. Your contract dictates the condition the car must be in when you return it to the dealership. Any kind of abuse like dents and scratches must be professionally repaired. Whatever broken knobs and other accessories must be changed, while the wear and tear should be kept to a minimum. Keep in mind that you will be charged for every imperfection that the car has. If you were to own the car no one could force you to repair the car, unless you feel is necessary.

Another great danger posed by leasing is the early contract termination. Representatives and dealers will tell you that ending a car lease is not a problem and that you’re free to return the car whenever you feel like it. Don’t believe a word they say, since their promises fly away like the wind since you don’t have anything of the sort written on your contract. In reality breaking a lease can be extremely expensive and if not done correctly, could leave you with no car, no money, and deeply scar your credit history. The best way is to find someone that is willing to assume your lease so that you can transfer the lease and give away the responsibility.

Buying A Used Car With High Mileage

Purchasing a car that has a lot of miles reading on the odometer doesn’t mean necessarily that it is in a bad shape and for this reason you should look closely at these vehicles as some of them are in good shape, although they have been used massively. If the owner of the car has serviced it on a regular basis and he has driven it like a normal driver would do, the vehicle should be in a decent shape and should last for another 200,000 – 300,000 miles.

If you are interest in buying a used car with high mileage, here are some pointers that might help you.

First of all, it is highly recommended to select a model from an automaker known for its reliability, like: Honda, Toyota, Volvo, etc. Usually, the higher end models are in most cases better cared in comparison to economy cars.

Second of all, get in touch with some of the local private buyers as only here you will find the best prices and if you are lucky enough, a car that has been very well maintained, although it has been driven lot. By checking the interior and the exterior of the car, it is a solid indication of how the mechanical part has been maintained by its owner. You should ask the person that sells the car for all of the maintenance invoices or records.

Always take the car for a test drive before deciding to purchase it. You should verify how it handles and accelerates at highway speeds. If you do not have any experience with cars, it would be best to take some that knows about them, preferably a mechanic.

2680896580 7abc34055c Buying A Used Car With High Mileage

One of the main reasons of acquiring a used car would be to pay in cash, rather than finance it. The latter option should be taken into consideration if you buy a lower mileage car.

When negotiating the price for the car, don’t forget to check out KBB – Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds to find out what would be a fair price for the vehicle.

Buying a used car with high mileage is probably the most affordable way to obtain means of transportation. Don’t rush into buying the first car you see right away. Instead, do a little bit of research and you’ll probably find a cheap car that has been well-maintained by its owner(s).

Bugatti Vs Lamborghini

No matter what car discussions you carry, there is no way to avoid getting carried away and think about having a supercar, a muscle car or, naturally, an exotic one. Each car enthusiast will talk about the fastest, coolest most beautiful car he can think of. So if there’s talk about power and looks than Lamborghini and Bugatti are bound to show up in the discussion. Both brands have made a huge impact in the automotive world, yet to compare one with another, that’s really hard to do because there are 2 distinct styles and classes. It’s not simply comparing some statistics of a couple of cars. These exotic marvels of engineering have entire histories tied to their design, characteristics and performance. So let’s take a look at both companies and see what does Lamborghini and Bugatti truly stand for?

The Lambo’s master that goes by the full name of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A is an Italy born car brand that is world renowned for incredibly fast cars with high performance and state of the art technology integrated in them. It currently functions as part of the Audi AG that bought the Lamborghini and made it even bigger and better. Audi AG themselves are a subsidiary that “answer to” the Volkswagen Group of Industries. It has produced world renowned, incredible sports cars like the Diablo, the Gallardo, the Murcielago, Reventon, and the futuristic Sesto Elemento. Remember that these are not cars for anyone. Simply put, if you own a Reventon than you’re one in 700.000.000. it just doesn’t get more exclusive than that.

Looking on the other side, to the Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. we can only think of one thing: the fastest car in the world. The company that achieved this unbeatable standard hails from France. Like Lamborghini they also are an important part of the Volkswagen Group. Their crowning jewel, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is currently rated as the fastest production car in existence.

Let’s make an attempt at some performance head to head and take the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 and compare it with the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The Gallardo is powered up by a 5.2 liter V10 engine that develops nothing less of 552 hp. The newest Bugatti Veyron has a mastodon 8.0 liter engine that is actually composed of 2 V8 Audi engines morphed together into a massive V 16 quad turbocharged engine delivering a mind stopping power of 1184 hp. That is just too much.

Bugatti Veyron opt Bugatti Vs Lamborghini

Bugatti Veyron

The Lamborghini is known to slingshot its way and reach 62 mph in only 3.7 seconds. As for the Bugatti, that thing is a rocket reaching 62 mph in a blistering 2.5 seconds. Where the Gallardo can reach a top speed of 202 mph, the Bugatti reaches the astronomic speed of 269.80 mph. When at top speed the Bugatti eats up an incredible amount of fuel being able to suck the tank bone dry in less than 15 minutes. Not to worry, you won’t get to completely empty the tank because if you go more than 12 minutes at over 400 km/h your tires will explode because of the heat.

Always keep in mind that these tests have been done on a straight line, if the test were on a race track than Bugatti wouldn’t stand a chance since there is no way to outmaneuver the Bull God.

If you’re talking money than, you’d better have deep pockets, since the Gallardo has a starting price of $205.000 and can go up to $220.000. As for the Bugatti, a mere $2.700.000 would suffice to make it yours.

Lamborghini VS. Bugatti

Lamborghini, the sport car created by Italian manufacturer, is now owned by Audi AG and it is one of the most expensive Italian sport car created. Even if at the beginning, Lamborghini was manufacturing tractors, now it became famous for the top speed cars that he is creating. With a futurist design, Lamborghini doesn’t stop amaze people with the latest models of their cars.

Bugatti Veyron is also a sport car, but it is the only sport car that can achieve 400 km/h on the road. Manufactured by Bugatti Automobiles in France, this great car is the most expensive car in the world at this moment. Even if it appeared in 2005, it remained one of the cars sold in few copies.

In this article, the battle between Lamborghini vs. Bugatti will have an answer. It will be compared, for example, the best seller models from both factories, Lamborghini Murcielago and Bugatti Veyron.  But is this comparison relevant? Does a 250,000 USD car support being compared with a car that costs 1 million USD? These are the first two questions generated by the comparative text between the biggest product of Italian people from Lamborghini, Murcielago and the extravagant Bugatti Veyron. The idea of the battle between Lamborghini vs. Bugatti, and especially between those two models from them, belongs to Forbes magazine. Their analysis was made from money perspective and the winner in this case was Bugatti Veyron, but if you take a close look to the rest of the details, you will notice that both cars belong to the same exclusivist class of cars.

Lamborghini vs opt Lamborghini VS. Bugatti

Lamborghini vs. Bugatti

Actually, the competition is weak because both cars belong to the same car brand, Volkswagen. But, while Lamborghini is a business that generated profit in 2006, Veyron is just a marketing product. Sources inside the German group declared that it is cheaper to produce the Veyron model than to participate to Formula 1 racings

Both of the analyzed cars benefit of real studs underneath their bonnet. Murcielago is gifted with a V12 engine of 6.5 liters which develops a 640 HP and achieve up to 8 thousands rotations per minute. The Bugatti model doesn’t need so many rotations because its engine has 4 extra cylinders (16 per total) and a capacity of 8 liters, developing 1001 HP. The maximum speed comes from Bugatti Veyron too, so as the time necessary to get from 0 to 100 km/h better with one second (2.5 sec. Veyron/ 3.4 sec. Murcielago).

Probably, Veyron is the fastest car in the world adapted for road and, why not, the most extravagant one. Even if it is slower and dramatically cheaper, Murcielago is also very beautiful, exclusivist and fast. For usual peoples both of cars are intangibles. But, if you have enough money and you which to buy one of those cars, which one will be your choice? The answer is simple: both, because both of them are different and great. You can’t refuse a Murcielago, but in a Bugatti Veyron you will be noticed for sure.

Cool Lamborghini

The German tuning company, the well known Edo Competition, transformed the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 into a piece of art with the help of the international designer, Christian Augier. The result of their entire work is the Lamborghini LP710, an amazing and fast supercar.

Edo Karabegovic is a mechanic who worked for Ferrari and lives in a small village, northeast of Dortmund. Now he is retired and willing to take on massive projects that suppose transforming already exceptional cars in even more impressive and high-speed sports cars. In order to create the Lamborghini LP710, Edo used the Murcielago LP640 and removed only its standard hardware that powered the front wheels and the entire dynamic safety net. As a result the weight of the car was lowered with 88 pounds. Instead, he increased with 69 horsepower the power produced by the 6.5 liters V12 engine of the Murcielago with the help of the engine control unit. He also designed a new air intake, new exhaust headers, high-performance camshafts, high-flow catalytic converters, blueprinted cylinder heads and a stainless-steel exhaust system.

The Lamborghini LP710 is equipped with a complex rear wing which has a Gurney flap that can be adjusted and forged aluminum wheels equipped with Continental V-max tires.  On the road the LP710 is amazing. The automatic manual transmission changes very easy the gear while the upgraded clutch mounted by Edo on this cool Lamborghini sends a jolt through the driver’s spine when he clicks the right-hand shift paddle. That’s why the driving experience is incredible and fearsome. What impresses even more is the noise made by the V12 engine of the LP710 which along with the lightweight exhaust system make you feel that Edo plugged the engine into an amp.

The LP710 is equipped with a two-wheel drive system and that’s why you must have some skills in order to be able to drive this fierce “beast”. Maybe because of its drive system this supercar became more intuitive and more fun to drive. But even if it sounds dangerous, the LP710 is equipped with high performance brakes and safety features. This cool Lamborghini goes from zero to 60 mph in only 3.2 seconds and you can reach 200 km/h in less than 10 seconds. When it comes to the top speed this supercar reaches 360 km/h (223.7 mph) making every speed fanatic pleased to drive the LP710.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 opt Cool Lamborghini

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

If all that I described above made you think about buying one of the LP710 available, I must say that the look of this car will just be another argument that will convince you to do so. In fact, you can choose your own design. That’s because Christian Augier, an international designer, has developed five different looks, each one of the only 5 Lamborghini LP710 ever built reflecting one of those looks. So you should hurry to purchase one, because the edition is limited.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 interior opt Cool Lamborghini

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 interior

All the cars carry the sledgehammer touch of Christian Augier on the inside and on the outside. The customers can choose from a large range of themes and designs including the pirate life or the “sparking skull”. As a result you can be sure that you will own a unique supercar that will impress every sports car lover making him jealous. Not all of us can be blessed with such a beauty!

But this dream will cost you a little fortune: around $642,390, including an extra of $16,000 for each seat of the car. But nothing matters when it comes to your dreams and you will not be sorry if you buy one of these cool Lamborghinis.

Finally, see some videos of cool Lambos:

Enclosed Car Shipping

Car shipping services have multiplied exponentially, keeping head to head with the expansion of the ever growing car market. No matter where you, shipping companies can always reach you and deliver the car to your doorstep. The car shipping service is separated in a couple of sectors. And one of these sectors is the “enclosed” car shipping. This service is usually reserved for the clients that don’t want even the slightest grain of dust to touch their car. As the name says, enclosed transport means that the car is safely and securely transported to its destination inside a trailer. This way the shipping company makes sure that the vehicle arrives to it’s destination in the exact state as it was at the point of origin.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the uncovered shipping service will get your car scratched and dented. The vehicle is completely secured on the car’s deck. Yet still, within the enclosed space, the car is protected from the tiniest scratches caused by the wind or other influential conditions. A car placed inside the container will settle the mind and heart of the car owner.

Weather is a very important factor that is always taken into consideration during a transport. Thankfully the enclosed space protects the vehicle from all weather manifestations that can have the potential of harming it, things like: acid rain, hail, snow, or even an unexpected dust storm. Each of them could hit pretty hard during a transport. There are other possible dangers on the road like gravel, pebbles and other road dust that can clash with your car incredibly hard, and leave big marks in the process. Debris are always a problem especially when traveling at high speed, because the smallest of items can collide with one of the cars and will definitely leave a mark, if not a small dent. Enclosed shipping will protect you from all these potential dangers that have the “ability” to leave your car looking like it has undergone a tiny meteor shower.

All these possible and plausible troubles are serious concerns for the car owner, even more when a car that’s either brand new, or rare, or expensive has to be transported from point A to point B. Only the enclosed shipping service can bring comfort to those particular car owners. Despite the fact that the enclosed shipping service is a bit more expensive than the usual one, the extra money is worth it. If you’re interested in your car’s safety and condition, than you should definitely head for enclosed car shipping. This type of shipping service has been voted as the safest, most secure and most practical for shipping expensive cars.

Enclosed Car Shipping opt Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed Car Shipping opt1 Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed Car Shipping – Lamborghini

Enclosed shipping not only protects your car from dust and weather, it also protects it from too curious eyes. Being inside the container, no one can even get near to it, therefore you can feel free to leave whatever belongings in the car since they’ll be locked inside the car, and the car locked in the container.

To ensure the complete security while transporting your car from point A to B, and insure that it will arrive in the same state in which was handed to the shipping agent, they may also cover your car with a special cloth overcoat to keep of the smallest specks of dust. This may be a bit more expensive, since it’s a service intended for classic or exotic cars, but the result is worth it. It might get a bit pricier than the open carrier shipping, but at least you can sleep at night.

Aftermarket Used Car Warranties

Buying an aftermarket warranty for your car can be often tricky. You need to know the types of warranties that can be purchased and check if they cover your needs.

An automobile extended warranty is best compared to an insurance policy and looked at like one. There are a big variety of choices when comes to purchasing an aftermarket extended warranty. Choosing the best coverage areas depend mostly on the necessities and requirements of the individual car owner. This article is meant to aid those in need of advices when it comes to purchasing an extended warranty.

The first questions that pop into mind about warranties is when and where to buy them from. Usually when people buy a new car, it comes with a warranty that covers the vehicle bumper to bumper for at least 3 years or 36000 miles drive. This is profitable if the car owner plans to sell the vehicle before the warranty expires, in this case thee is no need for an extended warranty since he will not be owner for long an extended warranty would have no value. The new owner can buy an extended warranty when the car is registered on his name.

Next, let’s skim through the types of car extended warranties.

The first you need to consider when thinking of purchasing an extended warranty for your car is the type of coverage, as well as the mileage or the period of time the warranty is to be active.  Most companies offer a variety of component coverage policies. It is understandable that the number of components that are placed on the warranty is directly related to the price of the policy. Here are some coverage areas most common on warranty companies: powertrain, maintenance, electrical, emissions, safety restrains, fuel system, climate control and audio.

The most commonly ensured one is the powertrain, since it covers components of extreme importance like the engine, the transmission, drive shafts and axels. An alternate option to this may be the routine scheduled maintenance often recommended by the manufacturer.

auto warranty 385x261 opt Aftermarket Used Car Warranties

Aftermarket warranty

To find out the time and mileage for the policy, the car owner should have an idea about how long they are planning to keep the car and estimate the mileage within that period of time. The one interested in a warranty should take these parameters very seriously because they can have a dramatic effect on the policy price.

When making a Car Extended Warranty Insurance Contract people should analyze carefully all the terms of the contract since some insurance companies may try to include verbiage that is destined to deny certain repairs. For example they may write in the contract that seals and gaskets are not ensured and in some cases replacing those can be very expensive. They may also want to include certain requirements about maintaining the vehicle. If those parameters are not met they might deny the covered repairs. So be careful on the deal proposed and what you sign.

It is recommended that you first acquire a vehicle history report before you consider buying an used car to place under warranty later. This will enable you to find out what repairs are needed and in what general shape the car is in, so that you may know what to ensure it for.

The extended warranty is highly recommended for a used car as long as you read carefully all the clauses in the contract.

Best 2010 Car Lease

When it comes to car buying or car lease we are always interested in great deals. For that purpose, is a company that pays attention to the trends on the market when it comes to car pricing. This company reported that the price for a new car went down $435 from October 2010 to December 2010.

You will be glad to find out that due to the good results that their incentives had on the market, automakers are still offering more and more great financing deals such as low- or even no-interest deals. When it comes to best deals, I must say that Chevrolet came up with a great 2010 December car lease that includes a discount of $3,500 and 0% financing for up to six years (for some particular models). Ford is doing great in business as well with a cash back offer of $2,000 on some exquisite 2010 models such as the Ford Fusion. Nissan and Toyota were also interested in offering free financing, but the terms were shorter than the ones offered by Chevrolet or Ford.

Part of the best December 2010 car lease deals was the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze that could be bought with a 2.9% financing for 60 months tops. The great deal comes with a car that impressed reviewers because of its generous inside, fuel-sipping performance and materials in which manufacturers invested for higher quality. Even if the interest rate might not seem awfully attractive, you should check it out, because the offer it’s a rarity considering the car’s features.

2011 Chevrolet Cruze opt Best 2010 Car Lease

2011 Chevrolet Cruze

A 2010 model that had an interest rate of 0% for up to 60 months is the 2010 Ford Fusion, a car that is part of the best 2010 December car leases. This award-winning car was an impressive success for the Ford Company and that’s something because we are talking about a family sedan. The comfortable interior, the fuel economy (if you don’t choose the hybrid) are features that make this car a winner.

A top of the best 2010 December car leases wouldn’t be complete if we wouldn’t mention the Nissan Maxima, a car perfect for a large family that is still affordable. Compared with other sports-sedan cars like the Infiniti G37 or the BMW 3-Series this car comes at a reasonable price. Moreover, the 0% financing and the up to 36 months make it a dream car you can finally afford leasing.

Nissan Maxima opt Best 2010 Car Lease

Nissan Maxima

The BMW X5 is another exquisite car that made it to the top of the best 2010 December car leases, because of its 0.9 financing and $2,500 holiday credit. Its driving dynamics and luxurious interior make it an ideal car at an affordable price. Moreover, the financing it’s available for the 2011 X5 as well. The 2011 model is improved in terms of power and fuel economy. And if you are interested in the X5d model that is equipped with a diesel engine you should know that the offer applies as well.

The best 2010 December leases include the 2010 GMC Yukon as well, because of its 0% financing up to 72 month or you can choose instead the $3,000 cash back option. Comfortable, with a great performance, the car can be the one. You can choose between a 2011 model for which the interest rate is 2.9% or you can opt for the 2010 model that comes with the conditions stated before. But if you think it through you will realize that they are almost identical. But the final choice is yours.

All is left for me to say is: “Have fun shopping”!