Shipping A Car From U.S. To Europe

Shipping A Car From U.S. To Europe

Europe and the USA are separated by the Atlantic Ocean, so if you plan on moving to Europe you will definitely have an interest in car shipping from the US to Europe. You will also find it necessary to know a thing or two about the rules and the legislation that you will need to follow in order to legally be able to drive your car in any European country.

The first issue you need to take care of when you decide to ship a car from the US to Europe is choosing the best car shipping company. In order to be able to do so, you should look for a company that handles most of the problems involved by a car shipment: offers door-to-door delivery, takes care of all the applying taxes, includes in the package offered insurance and the port duty and offers reasonable pricing for its reliable services.

Another entire chapter involved by shipping a car from the US to Europe is represented by the duty and taxes you will be required to pay. Usually, you will have to pay 17.5% VAT (Value Added Tax) and a duty of at least 10%. These percentages depend on the car’s age and considering that the most costly one is the VAT, most people try to find a way to work around it. There is a simple way to avoid paying this tax: the car you ship to Europe must be in your possession for at least 6 months before the actual shipping takes place.
Car Ship Shipping A Car From U.S. To Europe
To legally ship a car to Europe, you will need to make your car the subject of a Single Vehicle Approval Test. This is a test performed by the Department of Transport which is designed to check if the car you want to ship from the US to Europe meets the required standards. These standards refer to the level of noise and emissions, to the type of seats used to manufacture the car, to its brakes and even speedometer. These rules are strict and are established by the European Union. The subject of a SVA test are new cars and the vehicles with less than 3 year of usage that an owner wants to ship to Europe. You may wonder what happens if you ship an older car. Well, the situation gets a bit complicated, because in order to ship one of these cars to Europe you will have to perform some alterations regarding the speedometer (which will have to express the speed in meters per hour), the running lights that some American cars have in their indicators (those shouldn’t exist). The entire list should be provided by the car shipping company.

You are also allowed to ship from the US to Europe a car which is a right hand drive model. This is the case of many Japanese domestic models that many American buyers find attractive. Once the car reaches a European country you will have to make the necessary changes and transform the car into a left hand drive version.

I’m sure the cost involved is also an aspect that worries you. I can tell you that a car shipping from the US to Europe usually costs between $750 and $2,000. The amount depends on the car’s size and weight. You will also have to decide which international port works for you and make sure to buy insurance because in the case of international car shipping is mandatory. The insurance cost is usually of around 2% of the car’s value.

That’s pretty much all you should know about Europe car shipping.

Shipping A Car From U.S. To Europe

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Online Car Sales

These days owning a house and a car it’s a must have. Usually we let the wife pick the house and when it comes to the car we’d rather take the matter into our hands. But nowadays free time is a luxury and we’d rather enjoy it using a car than looking for it, especially when the entire process can get tiring and at times even annoying: there’s the negotiation, the professional that cannot let you think in peace about your decision and the constant pressure to find the best deal.

That’s why God invented the Internet and the men online car sales. That way just by using a computer, a reliable internet connection and the most comfortable chair you can find you can enjoy the most private experience that will leave you with the car of your dreams. If you are ones of those that embrace technology I know the good “places” where you can start your hunt. You have EBay Motors, the most reliable of all along with other online marketplaces like:, craigslist or

If you’re apprehensive about buying a car without a test drive, no worries! EBay Motors give you the tools to limit your search to cars that are local and also other filtering options. You also get to practice your bidder talents and face more options than you thought possible cause these guys really know to do their job when it comes to providing great deals.

The site gives you the possibility to be well informed, cause sellers have understood that in order to get a good deal they need to post pictures of both the inside and the outside of the car, giving precise details. Once the car you want to bid for passes this test, if it’s a local car you can go and inspect it or ask all the questions you want. At least you are going with your plan already set.

Online car Sales 1 opt Online Car Sales

Even if the site is called EBay Motors you can also use it to buy anything from cars to parts and accessories and not only. Fans of scooters, snowmobiles, boats might also find it interesting and exciting. But don’t get scared of the magnitude of this site! There’s help at each corner and they will provide it at each step. There’s an entire EBay Motors community board that will be open to answer all your questions.

Online Car Sales opt Online Car Sales

Moreover, the staff there wants to make sure that you’re comfortable to bidding for a car you haven’t seen yet. That is why they have set a Bidding and Buying Service. Some help and confidence is also provided by their Inspection Reports. So, they explain to you the entire bidding process and can also find someone to go take a look at the car in your place.

Online car sales are definitely an option you should check out. It will save you time and money, because the offer might be considerably larger than the one back home. You might find yourself looking for a new offer every day, cause in sales it’s all about opportunities and online sales give you the possibility to keep an eye on the market without having to bid. Good luck finding your dream car!

Auction Online Car

Whether you want to get a cheap car, motorcycle, boat, RV, ATV and so on, you definitely need to head to a car auction. These organizations are safe heavens for anyone who wants to buy or sell just about any type of vehicle. Since dealerships ship cars that they can no longer place on sale, to auctions, private sellers that want to get rid of the cars fast, government gather repo cars from all around the country and also ship them at auction houses, it is impossible to walk out of there empty handed. Here are some of the best online auction sites. Get in, look around and start bidding.

One of them is They assist potential buyers in finding the best auctions for the vehicles the buyers desire. They also offer access to thousands of cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, ATV’s motorcycles and so on, all for a little subscription fee. The websites offers a used friendly interface that enables the visitor to navigate through auctions with ease. For example, if you access the “seized car” section from the menu, you will be given instant access to no less than 29 relevant auction websites. Afterwards everything turns even easier, everything becomes similar to a Google navigation. The only downside is the limited variety of auctions for categories different from autos. Yet, despite the fact that most of them were repetitive, there was a minimum of one new link within each category. If you switch to the second drop down menu, you will enter the huge area of seized antique, classic and collectible cars.

Auction online car opt Auction Online Car

Auction online car

Another great sign of trust is that, to each new subscriber a money back guarantee is offered if he is not satisfied with the services provided by the website. The swiftness of locating and accessing inexpensive cars (inside and outside the virtual market) makes one of the best auction websites around.

Another great website is the CarAuctionsInc.Com. This website has probably the largest car database in the world. The perfected online search system gives you access to less advertised car auctions (you can have real surprises on less popular websites) or other websites that usually most online auction systems don’t bother to integrate in their databases. They have a huge variety of car models and car brands that are used at a fraction of their market value. I was flabbergasted when I saw huge brands like Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Toyota or Chevrolet being sold at a fraction of their market value. Keep in mind that these brands are some of the most popular in the world and aren’t exactly sold with discounts.

For only $50 you can get lifetime access to the website that currently holds the largest (auction) database in the world. Even if you don’t find your dream car on the spot, don’t give it the search yet. Sooner or later an offer with your name on it will appear.

Since it has such a large database, the online search system and the user friendly interface must be perfectly optimized. If not you will probably loose yourself in the hundreds of auction websites related to theirs. Because they are also one of the oldest car auction websites, they have undergone several transformations, all with the purpose of improving the quality of their services. Every 2-3 years they bring massive changes and considerable upgrades to their search system, auction system and, of course, database to include more and more websites.

Lamborghini Urus

The Lamborghini Italian automaker has accustomed us with fast and luxurious supercars released each year. And because of that we all hope that Lamborghini will manufacture another futuristic and unique car which will meet our expectations regarding the future of the car industry. If in 2001 Lamborghini released its flagship dream car – the incredible Murcielago and after a short period of time it amazed us with the slightly smaller 2003 Gallardo and the limited edition of the Reventon, the Italian company will take our breath away with yet another supercar waiting to be released.

I am talking about the Lamborghini Urus, the new Lamborghini concept, considered to be the Murcielago’s replacement that will represent another page of the Lamborghini history. The Lamborghini Urus is a four–door concept car expected to be a fierce competitor for the Porsche Panamera and the Aston Martin Rapide. Its name will be “Urus” maintaining the Lamborghini tradition of naming their exquisite cars after famous bulls. This time the company went with Urus which is a type of ox-like cattle that went extinct hundreds of years ago.

The Lamborghini Urus will have a more aggressive design than the other Lamborgini models we are already “used to”. It will be manufactured entirely from carbon fiber, but there are some rumors as well saying that aluminum might be a choice for some of the components. The maximum height will be around 114 cm and the overall design will impress us with the well known Lamborghini doors that will be used for this model. The Urus will have a carbon fiber chassis and will feature a lot of active aerodynamics. The taillight will feature LEDs, the design being inspired by the new taillight designs especially created for the Reventon.

The engine of the Lamborghini Urus will be placed in front of the driver behind the front axle. It will be equipped with a four wheel drive system. The Lamborghini officials said that this supercar will have a 6.0 V12 engine which will produce 700 horsepower. As a result of all these improvements, the Lamborghini Urus will be able to compete against the fast Ferrari FX70 achieving a maximum speed of 300 km/h and being able to go from zero to 100 km/h in below 3.0 seconds. It’s possible that Audi will supply the direct injection, twin turbocharged engine and I can truly understand why they want to be part of this unbelievable project.

Lamborghini Urus opt Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus

The production version of the Lamborghini Urus is expected to be limited to 3000 units a year. The company said that the new Lamborghini Urus will not be expensive either, the price tag being estimated at $300,000. The Lamborghini Urus combines lightweight and application principles of modern aerodynamics that allow it to become a fast and luxurious supercar. In fact, some people think that the Urus is a cross between a Chevrolet Corvette and a Camaro that resulted in a four door sedan model.

All the rumors and the secrets about this Lamborghini will disappear in September 2011 when this car will be the star of the 2011 Paris Auto Show. I think that once again we will be impressed with the hard work of the Lamborghini team and after the initial shock will wear off I’m sure that the car will be well received and the Lamborghini Company congratulated for its creativity and ability to make dreams come true no matter how impossible they seem in the beginning. And I also think that the very next minute car lovers will start thinking about buying a new amazing car!

Sell My Car For Parts

Let’s say that you’ve had your car a long time, and with time the old gal’ has little life left in it. In the meantime you got another car that’s working very well and you don’t want to keep the old one in the garage to acquire nothing but rust. Well if you find yourself in this situation, than the best idea is to sell it for parts. This is an ideal way to get some cash for it since it’s not running any more and no one will buy it as whole. If you decide you want to do this than here are a couple of ideas on how to approach the subject.

The first place you need to go is the closest junk yard. Often junk yards will get old cars off your hands if you give them a reasonable price. They probably won’t pay as much as a private buyer would, since they will do the work for you, in stripping the car apart and select the parts that are still usable, and put them up for sale. This is the fastest way to get rid if your old gal’ since it doesn’t involve any hassle and you won’t even have to check out its parts.

If you want to do it yourself, there are several factors you need to take into consideration. One of the main factors, is knowing about how much your car is worth. One option is to look online to similar cars from the same year and weigh their prices against yours. Another option would be visiting a local parts store or get a mechanic to check up your car and give you an estimate. You might have to offer him a little extra but at least you’ll get a truthful answer and you’ll know where to start.

After you’ve settled your price, than it’s time for a little advertisement. One place if great interest is the classifieds section of an online website such as or These websites are known through all USA so your changes of getting a prospective buyer are very high, especially if you have a good set of parts for sale. Go ahead and pick up a local newspaper or a “Thrifty Nickel” ad book from the nearest gas station. Snoop around for individuals that are looking to purchase used car parts. Select the ones you think are best suited for what you have to offer and give them a call, to come and check out your car. If they like what they see, than you’ll receive a price offer. Remember, always be flexible because with a little negotiation you can both end up happy.

PennySaverUSA opt Sell My Car For Parts

Penny Saver

Another simple, yet effective way to do a little advertisement, putting up a few flyers in local stores. You can easily make your flyers on your computer, by the use of simple programs like PowerPoint. Include a photo of your car, the asking price and of course a few contact details. Make sure to explain that you’re selling the car for parts.

Another good option is enlisting your car in a car auction. Contact the owners and see if you’re allowed to put your car up for sale (don’t forget to mention about the car parts). If so, enroll the car in a bid. Than all you need to do is wait comfortably for the price to rise. Don’t forget to specify that you don’t want to go below a certain price, and keep in mind that the auction house gets a commission from the sale so pick the price carefully.

Car Values Bluebook

There are certain websites on the internet that we can access and find out valuable information about cars, especially car values. Car values Blue Book is the website concept like Black Book Values and it has a lot of features about cars.

The Blue Book website is a trusted resource about new cars, used cars, dealers and inventory, loans and insurance. And the most important it has a feature that shows to its users an estimative value of their car. For people that try to sell a car this tool is perfect, because the website analysts study every days car price listings in order to give to the users of the car values Blue Book the best estimation of their car, after some dates are inserted. Of course car sellers are not forced by anyone to sell their cars with the prices indicates by the website. They can try to sell with bigger price or lower price because website is just bring to the sellers an estimative price used by the sellers of the same car model to sell their own cars. It is a price that can be changed due to the condition of your car also. Is the car is in very good shape you can ask more money on it, but if the car is in a very bad condition, you have to lower the price to sell it.

Also the car values Blue Book website is a good instrument for buyers. When a customer wants to buy a car, he can calculate first the value of the car that he wants to buy, so he knows for sure that the price that he negotiated with the seller was the right price for the specified car model and year. And according to the value he finds on the website, he can also negotiates with the seller in order to obtain a better price, but that also depends very much of the car status.

The Blue Book website is also helping its visitors to find all the details about loans for buying a car or about leasing companies and the consultants can help you find the best alternative between loan and lease and also can help you choose the best option with the lowest costs so you can buy the car that you wish for. Insurances are also very important after you bought a car, so the websites indicated are giving you the best choice, helping you choose what is perfect for your car.

Car Values Bluebook opt Car Values Bluebook

Car Values Bluebook

The website that is the most complex in this sense is, Kelley Blue Book. This website is having all the information necessary for car owners, car buyers, car sellers and dealers of cars.

Chevrolet Matiz Review

Even if speed and luxury aren’t the main adjectives able to describe the Chevrolet Matiz, this car has still in store some pleasant surprises that might make you change your mind. Its inspiration is the old Matiz, a popular mini-car driven all around the world.

If we were to consider a Chevrolet Matiz review we should first of all mention that at first sight it looks like a cute five-door hatch car, quite small, but in a crowded city that might become an advantage. But, in reality is comfortable and spacious enough for four adults of regular size, offering them enough room to stretch. There are people under the impression that the car has just three doors, so they try accessing the back seats using the front doors. No worries there! All the four doors are perfectly functional and can be widely opened.

The interior has a minimalist elegance because of the dark upholstery, while the seats even if insubstantial at first sight are quite comfortable and supportive. There are three colors available for the seat-covers, but all come with a dark grey base color. In order to match the funny exterior look with an interior as cute, the instrument colors can be matched. Moreover, the exterior body color (ten possibilities are available) influences the inside available colors. The driver has the possibility to adjust his seat’s height although the driving wheel lacks this possibility.

Chevrolet Matiz interior opt Chevrolet Matiz Review

Chevrolet Matiz interior

This cute Chevrolet Matiz is actually a budget car, so the manufacturer tried to offer the best quality possible at a decent price. That resulted in a clean cabin with a symmetrical centered console that puts to good use a Blaupunkt RDS radio/CD player along with at least two speakers. There isn’t a satellite navigation system available, so you will have to go with the old-fashioned methods.

The Chevrolet Mariz review must also specify the available trim levels: S and SE, while pricing goes from £6,145 to £7,145. The standard features that you will get for the S version include power-assisted steering, tinted glass and steel wheels with a diameter of 12 inches. The SE version adds some features to that standard list: central locking, electric windows in the front, two extra speakers and some other details related to design and space economy. Some extra money will provide you with a metallic paint available only for the 1.0 SE version (for £325) or air-conditioning with pollen filter (for £400).

Chevrolet Matiz opt Chevrolet Matiz Review

Chevrolet Matiz

The engines available are a 0.8 liter 3-cylinder or a 1.0 liter 4-cylinder engine. With a 4-speed automatic transmission (that isn’t included in the standard package) the Chevrolet Matiz is able to go from zero to 62 mph in 21.9 seconds, while the top speed is of only 84mph. But that is enough for a town car. In addition, the reduced proportions, and some driving skills will be enough for a successful parking even in the most crowded parking lot.

If you’re worried about luggage space necessary for a shopping day, you will be happy to know that the there are 170 liters of space available for your bags. Moreover, this space can be extended to 845 liters by folding the rear seats. How’s that for good news? And even if the space is not that generous the designers haven’t forgotten the oddment trays, the pockets or the cup-holders that just make the cabin seem more friendly and functional.

Next on the list is safety and the Chevrolet Matiz is serious about it. ISOFIX anchors equip the rear seats, while the front airbags and the ABS with EBD contribute as well for a safe ride.

Best Fast Cheap Used Car

Feel like going really fast? Tired of that slow moving, slow driving, boring “snail” of a car? Then perhaps it’s time for a change. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds for a car that can go really fast to get that blood flowing again. Here are the top 5 cars you can get for little under 5000 £.

On our fifth place we have the Mercedes Benz 500 SL and stands proud as one of the most recognizable automotive icons of the past century. Consider that it’s a 1990 car that dropped under 6.0 seconds on a 0-60 mph run. It is very fast despite the fact that it weights nearly tow tons. The transmission is flawless making this behemoth run unbelievably smooth and take sharp turns with professional sports precision. The engine, a rocking 326 hp 6 liter V8, is built to run and never stop. Electrical features like a novel electric folding roof and automatic emergency pop-up roll bar, useful to this very day, makes this car not only fast, but comfortable and efficient as well. It can be yours for only £3,995.

Now targeting fuel economy, cabin space, safety and compact design, in the past used to be all about speed and performance: the 1995 Toyota MR2 Turbo. Rivaling the Porsche performance at a quarter of the price, the Toyota MR2 amazed the world with an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds. The “mid-engine rear wheel drive 2 seater” is an incredible machine packed with a 2 liter engine that is linked to a turbocharger. It develops a massive 230 hp and combined with the amazing light weight of the car, it feels like a rocket boost leaving a Porsche Cayman behind. It sticks to the road like glue having unbelievable handling performances and can you imagine it? Less than £900. Now that’s a deal.

1990 Mercedes Benz 500 SL opt Best Fast Cheap Used Car

1990 Mercedes Benz 500 SL

Our number 3 is a real looker. When the Nissan Z32 300ZX was launched in 1991  buyers weren’t expecting much of it since all the disappointments its predecessors brought, which made the impact all the more powerful.  It was a large car, luxurious, even a bit futuristic. Packed with a whapping 280 hp 3 liter v6 engine and a radical twin turbocharger, left far behind the supposed undefeated Ferrari 328 GTB. The handling was everything you would expect it to be, coming from a muscle rear wheel drive sportscar. Performance, power, adaptability and luxury is what projected the Japanese super coupe on our third place with a starting price of only £2,500.

The runner up, is the blazing hot Mitsubishi 3000 GT, it might be fast, ripping the tar with it’s 5.6 seconds acceleration, but it’s very heavy weighing 1740 kg and 15 foot long, it will never have enough agility to match a hatchback.  The assets that made this car the runner up is its looks and its engine: a V6 Twin Turbo Dodge Eagle Talon that develops 282 hp. With a price range of £2,000.

1995 Toyota MR2 Turbo opt Best Fast Cheap Used Car

1995 Toyota MR2 Turbo

And here it is: the mind boggling Porsche 928 series 4. This car will be shocking the road around it developing a massive 326 hp from a 5 liter V8 engine that will shake the very frame of the car when it’s turned on. An electrifying display of power and prowess comes with driving this speedster, the Porsche lives up to its reputation to this very day as one of the strongest, fastest, most luxurious supercars ever made. The 928 deserves first place with a price tag of only £2,995.

You just got to have it!

Classic Car Auctions Arizona

Each year Arizona classic car auctions become the most important events for car collectors and car lovers that make time in their busy schedules. These events are organized by the most important auction companies in America. All of these events are known by classic car collectors and admirers as “the Arizona Auction Week”.

In 2010, the 39th edition of the Barrett-Jackson is organized at WestWorld in Scottsdale. This Arizona classic car auction displayed more than 1200 classic vehicles and even a 1929 Metalplane, the only one that is complete from the 29 built. People could see not only amazing cars, but also have a taste of the past automotive lifestyle.

The classic cars offered by the Barrett-Jackson auction were muscle cars, Cobras and some celebrity cars as well, such as Sonny and Cher’s 1966 Ford Mustang convertible, a 1930 Ford Model A that was owned by John Dillinger, a 1971 Plymouth Hemi Baracuda of Beach Boys and a 1958 Chevrolet Impala owned by Buddy Holly.

The cars auctioned were amazing or simply historic classic cars, such as a 1966 Mercury Comet “fliptop” funny car that is the only model that survived (only five of these cars were ever built). Other classic cars that were on sale at this auction were a 1926 Hudson Speedster “Grapes of Wrath”, a 1975 Bonneville Boss hauler or a 1952 Watson Roadster.

1930 Ford Model A opt Classic Car Auctions Arizona

1930 Ford Model A

Another 2010 Arizona classic car auction was organized by Russo and Steele and it celebrated its 10th anniversary in Scottsdale. The most intriguing car offered by this auction was the 1948 Trucker 48 convertible. This car was manufactured in secret for Preston Tucker’s wife. The event listed also a 1960 Chrysler 300F “NASCAR Special” and a 1968 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda that was driven by the famed Sox &Martin team.

1968 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda opt Classic Car Auctions Arizona

1968 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda

The 11th Automobiles of Arizona auction was organized by RM in 2010 and it was another successful Arizona classic car auction. The auction celebrated British cars and was named “The British are coming”. The British classic cars surely impressed the audience. At the event were displayed cars such as a 1963 Aston Martin DB4 GT, a 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt, a 1964 Shelby Cobra 427 prototype, a 1930 Duesenberg Model J Arlington club sedan, a 1933 Rolls-Royce PII Continental or a 1913 Packard Model 1-38 runabout.

Another amazing classic car auction was organized by Gooding&Company and took place in Arizona in 2010. The event brought into the spotlight more than 100 cars, displayed at the Scottsdale Fashion Square shopping center.  The classic cars that could be admired at this Arizona classic car auction were a 1927 Bentley sports coupe, a 1959 Costin Lister Jaguar sports racer, a 1932 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Series V Grand Sport or a 1934 Hispano-Suiza J-12 T68 cabriole.

In 2010 the “Arizona Auction Week” had also on schedule the Kruse event, the International Classic auction and the Silver auction. All these auctions were a great opportunity to admire and even buy amazing classic cars. If you have the time you must go to Arizona and experience live the thrill of a true Arizona classic car auction.

Chevrolet Deals

Some of you may be happy to know that Chevrolet has extended its June deals through the July Fourth weekend. Therefore, you may want to take a look at the offers available for some of their newest models and take advantage of the opportunity.

In May 2011, General Motors registered a drop in sale of 1.2% in comparison with the sale level registered in May 2010. That’s a situation that has affected the entire car manufacturing industry. But even so, in comparison with other car manufacturers, GM has managed to keep the sales up because of some attractive models such as the Chevrolet Cruze and the Chevrolet Equinox. People have increased their interest in fuel efficient vehicles and GM was able to deliver a product that satisfied the market’s need.

In fact, in May 2011, GM offered the most generous incentives on the market on all the brands that it supervises. A study made by has revealed that the average incentive offered by GM in May was of $3,373 which is an increase by 11.9% from the same month in 2010. GM was followed by Chrysler which offered an average incentive of $940 per vehicle. Quite a difference, isn’t it?
2011 chevrolet corvette z06 carbon press images main Chevrolet Deals
One of the best Chevrolet deals available in July 2011 is that of the 2011 Chevrolet Corvette, the most loved American sports car. You can choose between two body styles (coupe or convertible) and between many trim levels, so will certainly find one that suits your personality. This deal will expire on the 5th of July and includes an APR of 1.9% for up to 60 months. This financing is available for the Corvette Coupe, but not for more high-end models such as the ZR1 or the Grand Sport. But you shouldn’t be disappointed, because the base model offers enough features that are able to guarantee a fun filled driving experience. You won’t even be thinking of the convertible model, because the targa top of the Corvette coupe offers a similar feeling.
2011 Chevrolet Colorado front 3q Chevrolet Deals
Another deal available in July 2011 is related to the 2011 Chevrolet Avalanche which is a sport utility truck which offers room for up to six passengers at a MRSP of $36,000. The deal available involves a $3,000 cash allowance or 0% for a period of up to 60 months. Also interesting is the offer for the 2011 Chevrolet Colorado which is a compact pickup truck with a V8 engine, friendly to most budgets. The deal involves a $2,500 cash allowance or 0% for up to 60 months. The same deal is available for the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid.
The Silverado 1500 is a full size pickup truck that it’s found impressive by most customers because of its compromise between practicability and livability. The hybrid version of the Silverado has an impressive fuel economy, similar to that of a midsize-sedan. The only problem is the spicy price of $38,340, but by taking advantage of this July Chevrolet deal and of the $2,200 tax credit offered by the government, you will be able to save some money and buy a reliable car.
2011 Chevrolet HHR Panel Pics Chevrolet Deals
The Chevrolet HHR is another option because of the $3,500 cash allowance or 0% for a period of up to 60 months. That’s not bad for a compact wagon with great reviews, high fuel economy and comfortable interior. However, the deal is not available for the Chevrolet HHR available as a panel van. For a deal that involves the same cash allowance or 0% up to 72 months you can choose an Impala with 1FL or 1LS trim.