Add Miles To A Car Lease

Add Miles To A Car Lease

If you are about to lease a car and you estimate to exceed the total allowance of mileage, then you should know that you can add miles to a car lease. All of the details will be found in the lease agreement or the contract, but there are some generic ways that car leases are structured for adding mileage. You need to be aware of the fact that by adding mileage to the lease you will have to pay a lot more so do the math before signing the deal as it might be more affordable to buy the car rather than lease it.

First of all you need to calculate the miles that you approximate to do over the period of the lease agreement. You should start by taking into consideration the last three years of driving and think about any other factors that might come up during the lease, like a change in jobs, change of address or road trips. We advise you to allocate enough mileage with some cushion so that you will not risk exceeding the pre-established mileage set when you signed the lease agreement. If you already know how much are you going to drive the car over the period of the lease, you can buy the extra miles when you sign the deal.

Usually it is more affordable to add miles to a car lease when signing the contract rather than doing it at the end. Some firms will even give you a refund for the unused miles in the contract. As a consequence, your car lease will have pro-rated monthly payments that have the extra mileage incorporated. Although you will pay more per month, you will avoid the lump sum at the end of the lease when you otherwise are charged for the extra mileage.

Add Miles To A Car Lease

You need to consult all the paperwork for the lease agreement or get in touch with the leasing company that owns the car. You might be able to get a better deal for the extra miles if you have a good history with the company. Do not forget about the extra mileage insurance for the lease. However, you need to be aware of the fact that you will not get a refund for the unused miles for which you’ve purchased insurance.

Add Miles To A Car Lease

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Best Car Insurance Companies

Best Car Insurance Companies

Car Bump
Car Bump (Photo credit: joshua m. neff)

Choosing the best car insurance company that will best protect your assets can prove to be a difficult task considering the variety of insurers available on the market. The criteria, used by most of us, are usually reduced at the cost (the lower the better) or sometimes the advertising and marketing campaigns succeed in convincing us. But, unfortunately many times this poor decision level results in a problem that will show itself the moment you are forced to make a claim. That’s the main subject that has the potential to truly differentiate car insurance companies.

The most common complains associated with car insurance companies are usually related to the way a company decides to handle the claims: the possibly slow settlement process, an unsatisfactory coverage ensured when a claim is made, a rise in the rate’s value after a single accident occurs. Other complaints focus on the pressure to repair the car in the shop suggested by the insurer, which many clients feel, on the high premiums or the lack of quality services, including the billing system and the terms of the policy.

Unfortunately, these problems start appearing only the moment you have to file a claim and by then it’s impossible to find another insurance company that will handle the situation emerged. As a result, you should pay attention when you choose the insurance company that will represent your interests. And to help you, there are a few tools that can give you a heading. For example, you can research consumer opinions that you can find inside magazines like Consumer Reports. Online forums are another source of information and many automotive discussions boards have special sections dedicated to car insurance topics. The quality varies widely, but if you don’t use it as primary source of information, it can prove to be a real help, because, as you know, people who have experienced problems are usually the ones who post comments.

Best Car Insurance Companies Best Car Insurance CompaniesBest Car Insurance Companies

Repair shop managers are well informed when it comes to the best car insurance companies available on the market as well, because they have dealt with drivers involved in accidents and their claims. In fact, there are some auto-repair shops that post in their waiting rooms car insurance companies ratings. Even if you have bad credit there is still a chance for you to get the car insurance you wish, but in this case you will have to limit your options to the car insurance companies that don’t take much interest in your FICO credit score.

The state you live in can also help you find the best car insurance company available on the local market because it supervises the company’s activity and also can deal with your complaints towards the insurance company. Moreover, on the state’s official website are usually displayed the best and the worst complaints rates of the state’s insurance companies. Just be careful to check if the data provided is not out of date and you can also consider checking the information on the websites of other states as well.

Another free source of information that can help you make a decision is represented by the broker websites that are considered to be a great way to compare online the best car insurance companies. Their expertise in the field is due too the fact they work with more than one insurance company, so they can provide variety and also some comparative information along with ratings.

Finally, you should get as many quotes as possible in order to find the best car insurance company and you should provide more information for a more accurate quote.

Best Car Insurance Companies

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2011 Lamborghini Gallardo

The 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore is manufactured especially for the European and Asian markets having the same trim set as the Gallardo that has been available for some time on the North American market.

Once again the Lamborghini Company reveals its extreme, unmistakable and futuristic Italian design. We all know that the sports cars manufactured by the Italian automaker combine very well the volcanic energy of the Latin with a unique design. The 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo impresses with its glass black roof, front air intakes and front spoiler. To make an interesting contrast with these components, the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore is available with one of the standard paint colors: silver, blue, yellow, orange or white. Other exterior features that will be placed on this 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo are the special titanium-finish wheels and the incredible Skorpius aluminum alloy rims provided with 15 thin spokes and an enamel made of gray titanium.

This Bicolore edition will be distinguished by an interesting combination of two colors. So, the roof, the pillars, the engine hood and the rear spoiler will be painted in one of the following colors: Giallo Midas, Bianco Monocerus, Blue Caelum, Arancia Borealis or Grigio Telesto. The other components such as the front spoiler, the air intakes and the rear diffuser will get a high-glass black finish. That being said, the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore is ready to be exposed.

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo opt 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo

When it comes to the dark beast hosted under the hood, the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo respects the rule: always high performance. This Bicolore edition is equipped with a 5.2 liters V10 engine placed at 90 degrees with stratified direct injection and the e-gear automated transmission. The engine produces 560 horsepower at 8000 rpm making possible for the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore to go from zero to 60 mph in only 3.7 seconds. Moreover, the supercar is able to achieve 124 mph in only 11.8 seconds having an incredible maximum speed of 201 mph (325 km/h). So, the speed addicted can relax. They will experience the same feeling by driving this fierce “bull” or any other Lamborghini sports car.

The 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore is equipped with a satellite navigation system, a rear-view camera, heated power seats and a brake system made of carbon ceramic discs. That’s something if you are interested in comfort! All these features and more others are available for each customer depending on his request.

If you were impressed by the exterior design and the high performance of the engine get ready for the interior. The 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore interior uses the same dual-color contrasting combination. The seats, the instrument panel, the door panels and other items in the passenger space are finished in “Nero Persus” leather along with some stitching made in the same color as the exterior paint chosen by the customer. The palette of colors is the same: gray, blue, orange and yellow. Once again, Lamborghini uses high quality materials for the car’s interior which are crafted with a good technique by fine Italian workmanships.

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo interior opt 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo interior

Even if the Lamborghini didn’t reveal the price of the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore, it’s sure that will be more expensive than the standard Gallardo LP560-4 that has a price tag of $205,000. The new 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo was already presented at the 2011 Qatar motor Show and received a positive reaction.

The 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore is the best definition of comfort, high speed and quality materials. That’s why this supercar is able to offer you the best adventure of your life.

Used Car Lemon Law

Used Car Lemon Law

If you’re planning on buying a used car in the state of Massachusetts than you’ve picked probably the safest place to buy. Have you heard of the Lemon Law? Well, the Lemon Law, also known as the Used Vehicle Warranty law, is meant to protect buyers that purchase cars from dealers or private parties. This law obligates dealers to offer the customer a written warranty. Private parties are also forced to disclose any safety defects or known use. Not doing so make the buyer eligible to sue and 95% of the time win the case.

The Used Vehicle Warranty Law offers protection and remedies such as mandatory repairs, possible refunds or repurchases. Of course this doesn’t mean that any defect found on the car makes you eligible to get refund or repurchase possibilities. In case you’ve purchased a vehicle no later than 14 days ago, than the fastest way to get help is through the conditions developed by the Lemon Aid Law.

This law covers used cars, vans, or trucks and demonstration vehicles which are not covered by the New Car Lemon Law and respect a certain set of conditions such as: being sold by a dealer in Massachusetts or a private party in the same state, vehicles with a minimum value of $700 (dealer sales only), and a limit of 125000 miles registered on the odometer.

Used Car Lemon Law Used Car Lemon Law Used Car Lemon Law

The vehicles that aren’t covered by the Lemon Law are: motorcycles and mopeds, leased vehicles, auto homes or vehicles that are built for off roads.

When it comes to private parties, the Used Warranty Law applies differently compared to vehicles purchased from dealers. A dealer can be classified as a person that sells a minimum of 4 cars in a 12 month period. This law requires private parties to tell the potential buyer about all the known defects their car holds, that could affect its safety ratings or impair its use. This law applies no matter what car is sold. If you find out a defect that severely impairs the vehicle’s safety performance and you can prove that the seller has known about it, than you may cancel the sale if you keep within the 30 days limit. In this case the seller must refund the entire sum, minus the number of miles taxed 15 cents per mile.

You must know that the Lemon Law covers only defects that affect the vehicle’s performance or its defects. Defects will not be covered if they only affect the appearance, or are covered by the express warranty provided by the manufacturer, are caused by abuse or vandalism, negligence or possible accidents.

Any individual that sells four or more vehicles in a 12 months period is automatically considered as dealer and therefore is obliged to provide any buyer with a warranty. These warranties cannot be avoided under any circumstances. As a dealer you are forced to provide the buyer with a legal, correct, signed and dated paper that proves the fact that you’re offering a warranty that covers a series of components on the car. This automatically means that any defects that might occur to one of the covered components must be covered by the dealer that emits the warranty.

If the dealer does not provide a correct warranty, or provides you as a buyer with n incorrect or incomplete warranty, you are still entitled to all the warranty repairs. Furthermore, your warranty will not suffer from any countdown until you receive a complete and correct warranty.

This law is one of the best safety nets, the government has to offer.

Used Car Lemon Law

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Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller

Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller Buying a car is considered one of the most significant expenses that a person has to make in its entire life. Those of us that cannot afford to buy a brand new vehicle have to settle for a used one, which can be acquired either from a private seller or from a used car dealer. This article will guide you through some of the questions that you must ask a private seller. Here are the ten questions that you need to ask a private seller: 1. How many miles are on the odometer? – The reason why you should ask this is in order to find out a value before actually seeing the car. When you obtain this information it would be wise to visit so that you can find out the approximate value of the vehicle that you plan on buying; 2. How would you describe the condition of the car? – If he says excellent, it means that either the vehicle is in great shape or he is being dishonest. We highly recommend that you search for another one if the car isn’t as “excellent” as its seller promised; 3. Why are you selling it? – If the answer is “I just bought a new one” it usually means that he is anxious to get rid of the old one. If he answers “It was my dad’s (mom’s)” then you are in an excellent situation because there aren’t many people that would want to hold on to the vehicle in this situation and they’ll want to sell it for cash as fast as possible; 4. From who did you bought the car from? – The perfect situation for you would be that the seller is also the original owner. Regardless of the answer you get, always get a report from CarFax; 5. Where did you buy the car? – This is a very important question taking into consideration that some states in the U.S. are lenient regarding what defines a salvage title or it permits cars to be sold from state to state without issues concerning the past history of the vehicle; car money Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller 6. What sort of oil you have used for the car? – Most likely, the seller will answer in one of the following three ways: a) Right away. Which shows that most likely he changed the oil himself so the car has been well-maintained; b) After a brief pause. In this case, ask if he can look at the records. This also means in most cases that the car has been well-maintained, but we advise you to ask him to verify the oil change records so that you will know for sure; c) “I don’t know” or he gives a wrong answer. In this case, make sure that your personal mechanic has a close look at the engine; 7. For how much money are you willing to sell the vehicle? – By asking him this question, he will understand that you don’t plan on paying the asking price; 8. For how long can I take the car for a test drive? – Needless to say, never buy a car that you haven’t driven. If he’s a reputable seller, he will let you drive the car. If he’ll deny you this, you’d better walk away as most likely there’s something wrong with it. Most of the sellers that will allow you to take it for a spin will limit the test drive to about half an hour, which is plenty of time to figure out how the car handles and feels; 9. Can I get the car inspected by my personal mechanic? – After you have taken the car for a test drive, ask him this question. If he hesitates to give you an answer, it means that something is wrong. All you’ll ever want to hear is “Yes”. Any other answer won’t do it; 10. What was the last car that you have sold? – You need to know that there are lots of people who sell cars just to get a nice profit. They usually buy them dirt cheap, fix them up here and there and after that sell them to get a nice and tidy profit. However, there are some people that will fix the vehicles just enough so that they can get rid of them. These would have to be the questions to ask when buying a used car from a private seller. Needless to say, aside from asking these questions, always inspect the car and if you can, get a mechanic to have a closer look at it in order to find out if anything is wrong with it. All the defects that he or you will find during the inspection can be used as weapons during the negotiation process.

Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller

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Credit Needed To Lease A Car

Credit Needed To Lease A Car

If you like to drive new cars frequently, it means that you are interested in leasing. If you are willing to stay within the mileage requirements and take good care of the car, you can get a new one every three years. However, one of the main conditions to get qualified for a lease is to have a good credit score. The exact credit needed to lease a car can vary, but if you know that your score is on the lower end of the scale, you might want to think about alternatives or you will be penalized with a very high interest rate.

Your credit score is a three-digit number complied based upon the factors related to your credit history. According to Fair Isaac Corp. (which compiles the FICO credit score), these factors include your bill payment history, credit limits, the amount of money that you owe, length of credit history as well as the types of accounts that you have.

According to, in order to be able to lease a car you must have a credit score of at least 640, although you might be able to qualify for one even if you have a score below 600. If your score is 700 or anything above that, you will be eligible for the best interest rate. The lower scores translate into higher interest rates to offset some of the lender’s risk. The same source says that you might be able to get a more affordable rate if you can put down a bigger security deposit.

If your current credit score is right on the borderline, you need to know that you might be able to raise it enough to get eligible for a car lease. We advise you to get a copy of your credit report from Equifax, Transunion and Experian. These three agencies are required to give you every year a free report if you ask them. After you get them, check out for unverifiable negative or incorrect items and file a dispute for anything that you feel it’s wrong. If the credit bureaus cannot check these items, they must be removed, which will raise your credit score.

up front car lease costs Credit Needed To Lease A Car

If you can’t match the credit needed to lease a car, says that you might want to do a lease takeover. In other words, you have to find someone that wants to get out of a lease and he agrees that you take over his car and payments. The company in charge of the lease will have to approve this transaction, but in most cases, the requirements are not as strict in comparison to when you try to get your own lease.

Source: LeaseGuide

Credit Needed To Lease A Car


How To Organize A Car Auction

How To Organize A Car Auction

If you have several cars that you do not use anymore, why not organize your very own auction? This guide will teach you how to organize a car auction so grab a pen and some paper and start writing down. When organizing any type of auction, you need to be very attentive to all of the details. Always remember the following things: organizing it will definitely take longer to accomplish in comparison to what you have planned in the beginning; if something might go wrong in the process, it will probably will which is why unless you have organizational skills, you should sell the cars the old fashioned way.

First of all you will have to grab a calendar and select a date in which you will hold the car auction. Don’t choose a date randomly as you need to check and see if there aren’t any other auctions organized that day or week. When you find an open spot, hold on to it. You’ll have to write down a simple marketing plan by creating a checklist which you should follow in order to get more exposure for your auction.

Taking into consideration that we live in the era of the Internet, you’ll have to get in touch with a web designer so that he/she can build a software program for the online registrations and to place bids. Needless to say, this software has to be eCommerce ready. Of course, there are dozens of software programs like this one which you can buy, but if you need to personalize it, you should contact a web designer and/or programmer.

If at this auction you want to sell more than just your cars, you can contact car dealers and invite them to your auction. These invitations must include an RSVP as well as a registration number so things won’t get mixed up in the process.

To have a successful car auction, it is highly recommended that you sell reputable cars that come with full service history. To build a solid reputation among car buyers and sellers, you will have to be completely honest and transparent throughout the entire process. This auction does not have to feature lots of cars, especially at first when you are inexperienced; 5-10 vehicles should provide a very good bidding war to kick things off. Don’t forget about asking for partial payment after the bid in order to guarantee final payment. In addition, take care of the delivering and make sure that all the costs are included as part of the car’s price tag.

car auctions How To Organize A Car Auction

Other things that you should take into consideration include: organizing the vehicles for sale by make and model; determining how close the potential buyers can get to the vehicles which are for sale; elaborating a program in which the visitors can have a look at the cars; taking care of the parking issues by hiring valet service.

As you can see, there are lots of aspects that you need to take into consideration if you have decided to organize your own car auction. Whether it is for your cars or you have gathered vehicles from various dealers, you need to plan ahead and be focused at all times.

How To Organize A Car Auction

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Car Neol Over Heating Problem

If your car is steaming hot than you are very lucky man. If that is taken literally than we have a serious problem. Overheating cars can be a real pain since you can’t go even 100 m without having to stop. To help diagnose and troubleshoot the car let’s get the basic needs out of the way.

Firstly go ahead and check for the amount of coolant or antifreeze in the radiator, if there is any at all. Check out the plastic jar and not only. Get the radiator cap out and have a look. You should see the amount of fluid in the radiator if it is at optimal level.

Be careful, under no circumstances you are to do that when the radiator is hot because you can get serious burns from the hot pressurized steam accumulated inside the radiator. Usually there are about one, one and a half gallons of mixture between cooling agent and water, depending the type of car or truck you own.  If you see absolutely no fluid at all and are forced to add almost a pint of coolant, then you should probably have the radiator and the cooling system checked for leaks. That goes for any visible traces of fluid loss in which you know you have a problem and check for the exact location of the problem.

If there is no sign of leaks or the fluid is at optimum level, then you need to pay attention to a different factor. You need to test the car when in idle or cruising so that you may determine when the problem occurs.

In case of engine overheating when it’s on idle or at a stop, you should know that most cars that have front wheel drive have added to the radiator an electric fan that can be found behind or in front of the radiator. The purpose of the fan is to ease in the airflow to the radiator when the car is moving slow enough so that the wind isn’t enough to cool it any more. The electric fan has a sensor that detects the temperature of the engine and activates when the heat rises over an established parameter. After cooling down the same sensor deactivates it.

Car Neol Over Heating Problem opt Car Neol Over Heating Problem

Car Neol Over Heating Problem

In case the air conditioner is activated, the cooling fan is required as the air conditioning compressor heats up the engine. If you’re suspicious that the electric fan might malfunction, you can turn on the air conditioner. The compressor activates and so should the fan, yet still the temperature should remain constant. If it still rises then maybe a good idea is to have the electric fan engine checked. Once again be careful of what fan you check since some cars may have two fans, one for the radiator and the other for the air conditioner called the condenser fan. To supervise the right one, look for the fan that is closer to the middle of the radiator.

If the engine is overheating when you are driving at higher speed, then the inspection turns towards the coolant/antifreeze circulation. At 60 MPH or higher you should have more than enough airflow to the radiator. Think of it like running with your mouth shut. The faster or longer you run, you need a higher quantity of air so you breathe heavier and heavier so that you can maintain the rhythm. So does the water pump, to maintain an optimal temperature, has to pump a large quantity of heated cooling agent into the cooling system.

Aa Car Insurance Policy Review

AA car insurance is a car insurance company located in the UK, also known as Automobile Association. Its levels of breakdown cover are highly competitive on the market. The company has developed as the years passed incorporating a website and the insurance broker service for some of the products they aren’t able to provide you with. Some examples would be the temporary insurance covers or more special coverage like the one that needs to be provided for classic cars.

According to the AA car insurance policy review, the company’s full comprehensive cover includes a number of options that will make your life easier in case of an accident. You will benefit from a courtesy car that will be provided for you by the company when your car is in an approved repair shop, a three year guarantee for any approved repairs that respect the rules imposed by the AA car insurer and even repairs on your windscreens or windows that will not affect the no-claims discount. Your medical bills will also be covered up to £300 per person or even £400 per person if you are a member of AA car insurance. Moreover, in the event of an accident the personal cover will be of £5,000, but again if you are a member of the AA car insurance the amount goes up to £7,500.  Their service is impressive as well, because there is available a claim line 24 hours a day all around the year.

Aa Car Insurance opt Aa Car Insurance Policy Review

Aa Car Insurance

In addition to this, the AA car insurance policy review showed that the comprehensive cover can be extended by choosing some other optional features such as motor legal protection, a bonus offered if you don’t have claims for longer time periods, a plan that protects you against an accident’s consequences, involving healthcare as well. Besides the comprehensive package you can also benefit from third party insurance or fire and theft coverage. Evaluate the risks, before deciding.

The reviewers were also impressed, because the AA car insurance company offers special coverage for women drivers, being thoughtful about their wishes and needs. This insurance package includes a replacement child car seat, coverage for your belongings that can go up to £500 if you are a member of the AA and booster seats. The pricing is not bad at all either, because it starts at £190. That’s an argument that will win some of us over.

The AA company also thought about special situations and the AA car insurance policy review also reminds the buyers that this particular insurer offers the possibility of temporary insurance(for a day, a week or even a month) for your closest friends or family members. This is a short-term car insurance that offers you the possibility to add an extra person to your policy temporarily.

Also impressive is the fact that you can purchase an AA insurance by accessing their website A quote is as easy to obtain and you can also take advantage of the opportunity to pay online your bills. After choosing the insurance package you need and sign up for it you can print your certificate or you can choose to have all the documents mailed to you. That process should take only a few days. The AA company is known for their fast online processing that also helps lowering the cost for the insurance you need to purchase.

All in all, the AA car insurance policy review states that the AA car insurance company is a trustworthy competitor that offers affordable rates and insurance packages designed to keep your savings out of harms way.

Used Car Loan

Since cars are an indispensable part of our lives, everybody needs them if they want to get anywhere fast. If you’re heading for one, the first thing that comes in mind is money. If you cannot afford a new one and you’re heading for a used one and realize that you still more cash than you have, there are still solutions. One of the most popular is a used car loan.

Ok so agreeing upon going for a loan? Good. The first think to do before even thinking of getting a loan is checking the car thoroughly. The best way to do so is go and get a Vehicle History Report. That will enable you to see all the stuff that’s been going on with the car. The History report cannot lie to you so you’ll know exactly what the car went through, crashes, eventual major repairs and other things that may affect authenticity and performance. Another important thing is getting the help of a certified mechanic to inspect the car from hood to wheels. The History Report may be clean as a whistle, yet if the car has not been properly maintained and just looks good, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

Despite the hard times created by the financial crisis. The car market is still running well so getting a car will not force you to have big expenses, if you know what to do and have a good plan ahead. Getting a loan for a car purchase has become easier than ever especially if you have a clean credit record. The simplest way is to access one of the websites that specialize in car loans like Up2Drive located at: and you’re good to go. In case of less than spotless credit records than getting a loan can be a bit trickier. You still have a good shot if you head for AutoCreditExpress at : . They are specialized in dealing with bad credit, bankruptcy or repossession.

Used car loan opt Used Car Loan

Used car loan

Be careful when you go car hunting. Document upon every car you pick since no bank will lend you any money for a used car that is too old. If you see a manufacturing date older than 5 years wave it goodbye. Know that banks charge minimum 2% more on Annual percentage rate (APR) for every used car loan. Yet you may get lucky online since lenders there are way cheaper, and used car loan fees get closer to new car loan fees.

Remember: never ever put cash for a deposit on a car. If a problem occurs with the deal, you may never get your money back, since the action of placing money in a deposit was done willingly prior to a transaction. A credit transaction on the other hand can be disputed since it’s related to the very contract. If you don’t have one you can head for one of the thousands of offers from every bank. A popular credit card is the Discover Platinum card, or Discover Student Card, both of them having 0 annual fee, and are fully protected from fraud.

Before you buy the car, take into account costs like insurance and extended warranty (which is a must have in case your car falls apart). Some of the best auto insurance quotes can be received from Allstate, GEICO or BestCarInsuraceSite. If you’re going for an extended warranty, there is no better place to go than CARCHEX or WarrantyDirect. They can offer you unbeatable odds and good coverage for most car parts.