Top 20 most beautiful Hollywood actresses

Maybe many of you won’t agry with me because there’s no accounting for taste.
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Just for fun – a countdown of who I think are the most beautiful actresses from Hollywood’s studio era (actresses included must have a film debut pre-1960). Please remember that I can only work with what I’ve got. If some legendary beauty isn’t in this video then odds are that I don’t have any of her films and was therefore unable to include her, or maybe I just didn’t want to include her because I find others more beautiful. This video is just a bit of fun and should not be taken seriously. Beauty is subjective, there is no definitive list. These are just my preferences.

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35 thoughts on “Top 20 most beautiful Hollywood actresses

  1. Mila Kunis yes..but that was the only thing right. Jolie,way too low. Halle Berry, Audrey Tatou, Selma Hayak  should have been there. Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor etc would have been included if they had been Hollywood instead of Bollywood actresses. AND where is Tilda Swinton? (joking)

  2. Liz Taylor is the best, no one can doubt.But in my opinion, Deborah Kerr, Myrna Loy, Susan Hayward, Lana Turner should be included in the top 20.

  3. Where's classy & elegant Deborah Kerr & gorgeous & vivacious Jean Simmons??!! I wld've ranked Bergman, Garbo, Lombard, Hepburn & Kelly in the top 10. Liz & Vivien look kinda alike…..maybe tt's why MGM made Raintree County (a homage to GWTW) w Liz as a Southern belle

  4. I agree with you at some, but Ingrid Bergman should be higher. At least at top 10. Natural beauty in every way. Love every single expression of her face.

  5. Shame Yvonne DeCarlo wasn't mentioned she was fabulous… I totally agree that the divine Elizabeth Taylor should take first place though x thank you

  6. Everybody seems to forget Debra Paget–see The Ten Commandments, and Maureen O'Sullivan as Jane.  Also you ignored silent films, Marion Davies, Clara Bow, Gloria Swanson, Mae Murray, Vilma Banky, Lillian Gish, Louise Brooks, Carmel Myers,….

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